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The Professor Net Worth, Why He Didn’t Make The NBA

Grayson Boucher

The Professor’s dribble game is tighter than a tie dye Trapper Keeper.

Grayson Boucher, nicknamed The Professor, was born and raised in Keizer, Oregon. His father introduced him to the game of basketball at age two. By fourth grade, he was all-in, practicing “an absurd amount of hours per day.” He became well-known, locally, especially for his ridiculous ball handling skills.

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The Professor played high school ball at Salem Academy, where he made all-state. Despite this, he received no college scholarship offers. He tried to “walk on” at multiple community colleges, but failed. Eventually, he got a spot on the Chemeketa Community College team. After some guys got hurt, he was moved into the rotation, but averaged only three minutes of playtime per game.

Around this time, the AND1 Mixtape Tour made a stop in nearby Portland, Oregon. The Professor and his brother went to watch. It was then he discovered anyone could try out to make the team. So he did. And you already know what happened. By 2010, The Professor was practically the face of the organization.

He went on to star in five AND1 mixtape DVDs, four AND1 commercials, and an AND1 video game. You also might have seen him on ESPN’s Streetball, where he was featured throughout seven seasons. He played in the Ballin Up Tour after AND1 came to an end. Basketball has been good to The Professor. He’s gotten to travel to more than 30 different countries because of it. He says he practices daily, even when he’s on tour.


He’s got some sauce to go with his game.

The Professor has been in several basketball flicks. Most notably, Semi-Pro, with Will Ferrell. There, he played point guard for the opposing team in the final game of the movie. He was also seen in the special features section of the DVD. In a movie called Ball Don’t Lie, which was only shown at film festivals, The Professor played the lead role. He also created his own YouTube series where he would dress up as various superheroes and ball out against unsuspecting players on the streets of L.A.

The Professor has made a nice transition to social media influencer. His Professor Live YouTube channel has 5.48 million subscribers. He uploads vlogs, highlight clips, tutorials, and content related to basketball culture. He has another 3.4 million followers on Instagram. He’s the CEO of GlobalHooper, his basketball streetwear brand. He’s got a “five steps to the perfect crossover” how-to video you can access by opting-in to his email list.

The Professor has faced adversity the last couple of years. He tore his Achilles tendon. Tested positive for the coronavirus. As of today, though, he’s fully recovered and back to doing what he does best: breaking ankles and putting the ball through the net.

So what is The Professor’s net worth?

Websites list The Professor’s net worth at anywhere from $500,000 to $2.5 million dollars. When you take everything into account (merch sales, ad revenue, sponsorships, public appearances, etc.), we believe it’s closer to the latter. The Professor has said in numerous videos that you can “easily make seven figures as an influencer.” For more on his story and why he never made the NBA, the following video is must-see.

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