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Brandon Carter’s Net Worth And Barbaric Advice


Big Brandon Carter, King Keto, the a-hole with perfect abs—whatever you wanna call him—the man’s been one of the top fitness influencers for as long as I can remember.

So how much money has he made over the years? And what wisdom can he offer to others who wanna build their body and business the way he has? Keep reading.

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Brandon Carter keeps it all the way real

Big Brandon Instagram

One of my favorite rants from Mr. Steal Your Girl was this one Instagram post where he compared life to a “reverse casino.”

Here’s what he said: “In a real casino, if you gamble long enough, you’re definitely going to lose.”

“In a real casino, you want to quit fast—whether you win or lose—to maximize winnings or cut losses.”

“But in the real world, the biggest difference is that if you gamble long enough? You will definitely WIN!”

“Persistence is undefeated. I want you all to try something new this weekend: stop being a lil hoe for once and take a f*cking risk!”

When I read that I was like, “You preachin’ to the choir, B.”

Taking risks and outlasting people is the only reason I became a millionaire. And it makes sense if ya think about it. Take enough risks, you’re bound to get lucky. Do enough work, you’re bound to get good. Right?

What else? Oh, I gotta share his pigeons versus eagles post.

More tough love from the fitness guru

Brandon Carter Girlfriend

“Why do they say, ‘It’s lonely at the top?'” asks Brandon. “Because everyone wants to go to the top of the mountain, but nobody wants to clime the f*cking mountain.”

“There are absolutely no shortcuts to accumulate massive amounts of success or to live out your dreams.”

“The one and only secret to success is taking persistent, massive action.”

“Every high achiever knows this truth. The reason why so many neglect this very important aspect is because actual work has to be done.”

“There is nothing sexy about it. It may not always be the fun thing to do, but it always will be the right thing to do, when you are in pursuit of greatness.”

“Taking persistent, massive action requires you to get out of your comfort zone and move even when you may not feel like it.”

“So, few people will climb that mountain with you. If fact, you will be ridiculed for even attempting it.”

“This is why you never see a ‘flock’ of eagles. However, pigeons are always together.”

“Eagles hunt fresh fish and live above the clouds like motherf*cking bosses. Pigeons eat out the f*cking trash and fight each other for scraps like hoes.”

“You can’t hang out with pigeons and do eagle sh*t at the same time. The pigeons will try to persuade you to kick it with them on the ground and eat out of the trash with them…”

“Eventually, they will succeed in bringing you down to their level and preventing you from achieving the level of greatness you were destined to achieve.”

“You’re going to have to kick the pigeons out of your life to soar with the eagles. But there are way more pigeons than eagles. That’s why it’s lonely at the top.”

Again, true story. And props for not just saying, “Show me your friends; I’ll show you your future,” like every other Insta idiot.

But anyways. Let’s get nosey, shall we?

What’s Brandon Carter worth?

How Rich Is Brandon Carter

In terms of BC’s net worth, I’ve seen some laughably low numbers—$39k, for example. Other sites have listed a wide range that tops out at $10 million dollars.

And obviously, only Brandon and his accountant know for sure.

But based on the number of followers he has across all social media platforms, the info products and live events he’s sold over the years (and their price points), our estimate is somewhere around $6 million.

Not bad for a dude who does shirtless handstands for a living, eh?

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