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Bright Vision Digital Reviews (Zan Shaikh)


“I’ve helped over 203 Amazon sellers build six, seven, and even eight figure Amazon businesses,” says Zan Shaikh in a recent video.

“And we do this by of course picking the right products, the right suppliers, getting stellar photos, stacking reviews, and most importantly, ranking to the first page of Amazon for their most profitable keywords—in record time,” he continues.

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Zan then explains how over 80% of the sales on Amazon go to the products that show up on the first page for their keywords. Therefore, ranking on Amazon’s front page is the number one way to accelerate your growth.

And Zan, who’s been in the eCom space for over six years, and currently does about $1.1 million a year on Amazon, claims he’s the guy who can show you how to pull that off.

Reviews, he says, don’t directly impact your ability to rank, but they help you stay ranked. Without them, even if you get to page one, you probably won’t make many sales. And if that’s the case, Amazon’s gonna replace you with someone who is.

Once you’ve built a foundation of reviews, the key to ranking on page one of Amazon is to drive traffic to your listing via paid ads. Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Pinterest. You simply buy your way to the top by moving more units than everyone who’s currently ahead of you.

Let Amazon’s algorithm see that you’ve “earned” the right to be featured first (or at least, on the front page of results).

If done right, you could see your products ranking in a matter of days or weeks. From there, the idea is, you can then pull back on ad spend and reap the rewards of all that glorious organic traffic Amazon already has.

An overview of Zan Shaikh’s “Rapid Ranking System”

Rapid Ranking System

It all sounds fine and dandy, but here’s my question: how do you get these reviews that are so critical to making sales once you’re ranked (and therefore, keeping you ranked)?

Zan doesn’t say. Is that because he’s not proud of how you go about it? Like, do you have to fake ’em? Pay for ’em? And if so, are you comfortable doing that? (I wouldn’t be.)

Also, what are we looking at in terms of ad spend? I know for a fact Facebook ads are getting pretty pricey. What happens when you send $500 worth of traffic to your store and only earn $100 back? Seems risky.

Especially when you’ve got nothing to show for that $400 loss. I mean, at least if you were building an email list, you might be able to recoup that money over time.

My final concern would be lack of control and ownership. What if Amazon’s all, “What’d the five fingers say to the face?” *SLAP!

Or Facebook bans you from running ads? Huh? Then what? You’ve got no assets. No momentum. No plan B. Something you should think about. Not that it can’t work. I think it can.

And I think Bright Vision Digital is one of the more legit companies I’ve seen in this space. But, not gonna lie. I don’t love the model.

Me, I’m all about free traffic. And I don’t want anyone to be able to shut me down without warning. And whatever work I do, I want it to make me money, each and every month, for years to come.

And yes, believe it or not, an internet business like that does exist. If you’d like to learn more about it, click below.

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