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How To Get To 7-Figures If You’re Broke

From Broke To Millionaire

Say you don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.  What then?  It takes money to make money, right?  Wrong.

It could make it easier.  It could make it faster.  (Emphasis on could.)  Because, silver spoons could also make you lazy and too relaxed in your approach to business.  So the first thing is, let’s not get too down about being broke.

Contrary to popular belief, most millionaires are self-made.  Daddy doesn’t hand ’em $5 million and say, “Go be great.”  Yes, inheritance happens, but most of the moguls we feature started out no different than you – too poor to pay attention.

(I’m assuming that’s the case if you’re still reading this.)

Anyways, the solution is, as usual, irritatingly simple.  If money’s funny, but your product or service is excellent?  You begin your journey to a seven figure business by telling people about it.  Last I checked, using your mouth (or your fingers) was still free.  No advertising budget required, assuming you already have a phone and an internet connection.

The method doesn’t matter.  Talk, text, call, draw, record, film, blog, barter, recruit others to do the same.  Eventually you’ll find your sweet spot: the channel you enjoy the most, that generates the most buzz, that you can double-down on.

For me that was, and still is, blogging.  For you it might be Vlogs on YouTube.  Or Facebook groups.  Or getting out there, shaking hands and kissing babies.

Forget fancy marketing plans.  Enthusiasm and self-promotion is all it takes to go from flat-broke to million dollar momentum.

Cory Johnson: your momma’s neighbor’s side chick’s last Uber Eats delivery guy’s third-favorite blogger. Here’s how he makes millions of dollars blogging without being bothered.