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Russell Brunson And Tom Bilyeu On Pandemic-Proofing Your Biz

ClickFunnels cofounder Russell Brunson joined Tom Bilyeu on Impact Theory to discuss surviving downturns, starting over, traffic secrets and more.  Here are my notes.

1. Don’t freeze up.  Yeah, Coronavirus sucks.  Yeah, you might go backwards.  Yeah, you might have to start over.  So what?  Detach yourself from L’s.  Accept ’em.  Figure out what went wrong.  Get up.  Try again.

2. Smile through the pain.  Manipulate physiology.  Take control of the way you feel.

3. Relentlessly pursue and outdo your competitors.

4. When times get tough, your product might not change, but your marketing should.  In good times, people chase pleasure; in bad times, they run from pain.  Advertise accordingly.  Position your offer as a life preserver, not a luxury.

5. The easier you make someone else’s life, the more money you’ll make.

6. The money didn’t disappear.  People still have money, they’re still spending it—just in other places.  Look around.  Where’s it going?  How can you pivot and be on the receiving end of that?

7. The most important person in any business is the one who can get customers.  If you lost your job due to COVID-19 or your business took a hit, become a “rainmaker.”  Find businesses that are booming in spite of this pandemic and send ’em leads.  Write your own paycheck.

8. To become a rainmaker, figure out your “Dream 100.”  Who are the 100 people who already have access to your ideal buyers?  Find the blogs, podcasts, influencers, forums, Facebook groups, etc.  Then, pay them to promote you; or, even better, build a relationship, be cool, let reciprocity play out over time.

9. Endure long enough and you’ll get noticed.  Victory, no matter how long and hard the road.

10. Even leaders, right now, are looking around, trying to find someone to lead them.  If you’re willing to stand up and lead, this is the greatest opportunity of your life—even though, yeah, it’s scary AF.

11. With so many marketers sitting on the sidelines, ads are on sale right now.  Frank Kern agrees.

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