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Russell Brunson Net Worth

Russell Brunson ClickFunnels

Russell Brunson net worth: Russell Brunson is an internet marketer and entrepreneur with a net worth of approximately $37 million.

His business story starts out as a college wrestler at Boise State University.  I’m sure you’ve heard it many times: from potato guns to info products to DotComSecrets to supplements and now a $360 million dollar SaaS company (you probably use) called ClickFunnels.

He’s been online for 12+ years now, grossing hundreds of millions, while impacting more than a million entrepreneurs globally.

Many of the biggest names in personal development (such as Tony Robbins) and digital marketing (such as Grant Cardone) rap Russell Brunson’s praises.

The baby-faced businessman has even made an appearance alongside Marcus Lemonis on CNBC’s The Profit.

(That’s major.  I wonder how many ClickFunnels customers came from that episode!)

Russell Brunson net worth lessons

Russell’s rich as a mofo.  Good for him, right?  But what can you and I learn from the internet mogul?  Here’s a few ideas.

1) Model what works.  Now.  When I hear someone say, “Success leaves clues,” I think no duh, dickhole.  But, like most advice that’s overly obvious, it tends to go in one ear and out the other.  Nobody acts on it.  Except, in this case, Russell Brunson, who started a new movement around this concept, called “funnel hacking.”  It’s where you click-through and opt-in and snoop around another business’s webpages to see what’s working for them.  And then simply model it for your own business.

2) Advertise hard.  Very few online marketers understand this.  When you outspend the competition, friction packs its things and leaves.  Scaling becomes easy.  Think about it.  When’s the last time you logged into Facebook and didn’t see a sponsored ad from RB?  He’s always there, waiting to take your money.  Meanwhile, millions of wannabes just can’t keep up.  Their pockets aren’t deep enough.  By default, Russell and the other one-half of one-percenters… who aggressively advertise day in and day out?  Continue to mop up.  Ever heard of Tai Lopez?

3) Think bigger.  Another cliche that’s too costly to ignore.  Of all your favorite gurus who’ve milked the internet for millions, how many of ’em have a product that most of the industry is using as the foundation for their entire business?  Any?  I’ve got to give Russell respect.  ClickFunnels is monster.  To pull that off?  Wow.  It had to have taken an incredible level of belief, then action, then a willingness to overcome obstacles you and I probably can’t imagine.  Even Jay-Z be like, “You crazy for this one, Russ.”

Study Russell Brunson and remember those three lessons if you want a big boy net worth.

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