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Bullseye Trades Review (Jeff Bishop’s Option Trading)


“The answer is not to trade more; the answer is really to trade less,” Jeff Bishop says in a new YouTube ad.

“I’m talking about one trade once a week where I’m looking to deliver 100% profits,” he continues, before reminding us he’s a “MENSA-certified genius trader.”

“You are not gonna build real wealth by simply working more hours. The system just doesn’t value your time enough. And you can never beat the rat race that way.”

“You want to make the most money possible with the least amount of effort possible, right?”

If so, Jeff’s got good news: his weekly options trading pick will help you do just that.

“You can not get any simpler than this. With Bullseye Trades, you get one single trade once a week that I am aiming for 100% profit on,” he reiterates.

Is Bullseye Trades legit? What’s it cost? I’ll review all that and more below. But first, if money’s on your mind, watch this case study.

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Okay, so what, exactly, is a Bullseye Trade? According to Jeff, it’s his single best trading idea, which gets sent straight to your inbox once a week.

“In the market there are about 10,000 given stocks out there at any given moment,” he says. “That is way too many stocks to deal with, right? We can’t focus on that.”

“So what we do, is we funnel this down to one single idea. That is a manageable amount.”

Question is, how’s homie arrive at this one primo pick?

“It’s a combination of three things,” Jeff says.

“Fundamentals of the company; I’m looking for stocks that have a lot of momentum behind them; I’m looking for stocks that the market loves right now that have been on a pullback or on a breakout—and that is my favorite idea.”

This so-called “bullseye trade” will then get emailed out to you at about 8:30 AM EST, one hour before the market opens, every Monday.

Ideally, he’s aiming for an option contract that makes about a 5% move in one week, which means Bullseye Trade peeps can earn 100% on that option trade.

Jeff Bishop geeks out over options trading

Bullseye Trades FAQs“That is why I trade options and that is why it’s so exciting,” Jeff grins, glancing back at the numbers he had scribbled onto his whiteboard.

“I give you the exact option contract on the exact stock and it’s hitting your email inbox before the market opens each Monday.”

“I hope you join Bullseye Trades very soon. It’s my favorite service to run. I love it! You’re gonna love being part of the community, so join Bullseye Trades right now,” he says in an explainer video.

How much does Bullseye Trades cost? The normal price is $1,197 per year, but if you click on any of their paid ads and go through their funnel, you can get it for a “heavily discounted” price of $299/year—but only if you “act fast!”

Occasionally, they’ll offer a one week trial for $49, where Jeff best not poop his PJs or there’s no way you wouldn’t cancel.

I checked Reddit for reviews, but nobody who had commented was a paying member. Please send me an email if you bought Bullseye Trades and wouldn’t mind sharing your experience.

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