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Ralph Burns The Agency Accelerator Review

TierEleven.com Facebook Ad

Ralph Burns will show you how to scale your agency to $100k per month (and beyond), running Facebook ads for clients. This, per his latest Facebook ad.

Can he though? Read on for my review of The Agency Accelerator. First though, check out what we’re doing with free traffic:

Okay, back to Ralph Burns, founder of Tier 11, and their new program called The Agency Accelerator. I’m gonna go ahead and opt-in and see what it’s all about.

Agencies Freelancers Scale Up

After doing so, I’m taken to this page where their video sales letter awaits:

Tier 11 Facebook Ads Clients

The video is decent and it’s clear Ralph Burns and his Tier 11 agency are the real deal. In fact, they’re pacing north of $100 million dollars in Facebook and Instagram ad spend this year. They’ve ran ads for all the big name gurus, and continue to make the majority of their money by actually being an agency—something most course sellers can’t say.

Ralph’s big breakthroughs in scaling Tier 11 were to charge more, use a multi-step sales process, and rigorously screen for, hire and train virtual media buyers. (It sounded sexier when Ralph said it.)

When he transitions into the pitch, he says The Agency Accelerator includes: an always-up-to-date course with templates and standard operating procedures you and your team can leverage to master each step of growing your agency; insider access to all sorts of goodies Facebook gives Tier 11 for being a preferred partner; twice-weekly calls with Ralph’s personal media buying team to learn what’s working now; behind-the-scenes access to their customers’ ad accounts; new ninja tactics they’re testing; and 24/7 access to their private Facebook ads group.

The Agency Accelerator is not for newbies or biz opp seekers. It’s for serious agency owners who wish to scale to six-figure months. The Agency Accelerator cost was left out, which is par for the course. You’ll have to book a discovery call to find out. My guess is around $7,000.

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