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Burnt 2 Bossless Review (Amiee Ball’s Agency Accelerator)


The Bossless babe, Amiee Ball, is back with another offer. It’s called Agency Accelerator. I learned about it after seeing her Burnt 2 Bossless ad on Facebook. Here’s what you need to know.

Amiee says the single biggest mistake online agency owners make in their business is that they market to everybody, hoping to find that needle in a haystack. They use a shotgun approach, when a sniper rifle is far more effective.

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Basically, stop being a generalist and start being a specialist, Amiee recommends. It’ll be easier to get attention and respect. You’ll close more deals. And you’ll be able to charge more money as a specialist.

Mistake number two, according to Amiee, is a piss-poor marketing message. Your prospects are seeing an average of 5,000 ads per day. Ho-hum won’t cut it. You have to cut through the noise, resonate, and position yourself properly.

The third and final mistake most internet agency owners make, Amiee says, is not having a predictable way to land new clients. If you’re waking up and doing random acts of marketing that historically haven’t worked for you, you don’t have a business.

So what’s the fix? How do you go from grinder to rainmaker? Amiee says there are two things you need to have in order to turn your agency around and add an extra six-to-seven-figures in revenue this year.

Hint: it has nothing to do with logging more hours, making more cold calls, attending more events, spamming social media, or writing an eBook, Amiee jokes.

How to go from burnt out to bossless forever

Amiee Agency Accelerator

The two things you need for success are: (1) high-quality, high-converting traffic laser-targeted to your ideal clients, and (2) a machine that’ll turn that traffic into qualified calendar appointments like clockwork and streamline the fulfillment once you have the client.

There’s a lot that goes into that, obviously, but a big part is proving you can help them by actually helping them get at least part of their desired outcome, for free—which is what Frank Kern preaches.

For the rest of her secrets, you’ll have to enroll in her Agency Accelerator. Sources say it costs upwards of $7,000, but you’ll have to book a 45-minute Zoom call with Amiee to know for sure.

She says the call is so she can help you map out an exact strategy and action plan that you can use to immediately begin booking more appointments, whether you buy her course or not. But, let’s be honest, this is a straight-up sales call.

Here are my concerns. First, Amiee’s entire presentation was very vague. A lot of buzzwords without specific steps or, better yet, examples and case studies of her processes in action.

Second, Amiee Ball claims she has a 7-figure agency, but, I dunno—I’m skeptical. I’d love to see some proof of that. Especially since she’s been so focused on her coaching these past few years. Like, when would she have the time to even get new clients? Let alone serve ’em?

Third, it’s funny, in her pitch she made a good point about differentiating yourself. Yet, to me, her presentation literally sounded the exact same as the last 100 “how to launch and scale your agency” courses I’ve reviewed.

Last, Amiee still teaches Facebook ads as her top traffic source. I think that ship has sailed. It’s too competitive, too expensive, and Facebook has been on a rampage lately, banning internet marketers left and right.

With those objections in mind, why not learn more about what we do, using free traffic from Google? Also remember, this is where Amiee got her start. Rather than getting rehashed information, why not go straight to the original source? You can do that by clicking below.

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