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Best Business To Start In 2020

Best Business To Start From Home

The best business to start in 2020? Is what we call virtual toll booths. Here are 15 reasons it’s all that and a side of skinny fries.


“House Cleaning Carlsbad, California” is one niche. “House Cleaning Windsor, Ontario” is another niche. “House Cleaning Logan City, Queensland” is another. See where I’m going with this? Now how many different types of businesses are there? Hundreds, if not thousands. And how many cities are there worldwide? Thousands. So, when you multiply those together, that means there are—what—more than a million niches? With new ones being born all the time! Cryotherapy. Electric scooter rental. Mobile IV therapy. The list goes on.


You won’t need $100k to start this business. You won’t need $50k. Not $20k. Not even $10k. $5k would be great, but you could launch with as little as $1k. (That would get you into my mentor’s coaching program on a pay plan plus leave you extra to run the business with. Let the “rent money” from your first project pay off your balance and cover all expenses moving forward. The rest is pure profit!) And no, not everyone has a grand laying around. But compared to what you’d need to run paid ads, or launch your own e-comm brand, or buy a franchise, that’s a drop in the bucket, isn’t it?


Nothing to store, sort, maintain or ship. Less hassle. Low overhead. Almost no risk.


Which means: no emails, no calls, no complaints, no drama, no distractions. Making way for quiet, peaceful, productive days.


Work anytime, anywhere—as long as there’s WiFi. Early mornings at Starbucks. From a lawn chair while your son’s at baseball practice. In your car while you’re waiting to pick up your daughter from cheer. On a bench, in between rides at Disneyland. From a tranquil poolside cabana. On the red eye home from Maui. I’ve done it all, and then some.


The websites are drag-and-drop. Our custom software handles all the tracking, forwarding and billing. And if you get stuck, our tech team is on standby, waiting to help.


Once a site is ranked, at the city level, it pretty much stays there. So you set it, forget it, and go do another one. Clone the original site, tweak it for a new city, get ‘er ranked, land another house cleaning client (for example), repeat. Or, pick a new niche in the same city. Or a new niche in a new city. The options are endless. Either way, why stop? Why not make as many as you can comfortably manage? Even as a solopreneur, you can put serious recurring “rent” on the books. Get your loved ones to help you. I do. Of course, eventually, you’ll plateau. Same as any business. And, at that point, you’ll have a tough decision to make: hire staff to continue growing, or keep it simple, as-is. Still. Good problem to have.


As you can see, the work is all front-loaded. And don’t get me wrong: it will be work. But well worth it. Once it’s done and a deal is made, it’s all downhill from there.


This is no different than having traditional rental properties. Right? You build it, market it, find someone who wants it, come to terms, and collect a check every 30 days—till they move on. When they do, replace them. Resume rent. If you do it right, each project should pay you, residually, for years to come. My personal best, thus far, is nine years. And counting!


No more peddling pills, potions and lotions. Or worthless eBooks. Or dodgy dropshipped products that take four weeks to arrive—broken. Nope. With this, your value is undeniable. It can be measured. “The leads I sent Heather’s House Cleaning made the owner, Heather, an extra $2,000 last month. And she paid me $500. That’s a 4:1 return.” Win-win.


Building something real. Helping small businesses and the communities they serve. Having an impact. Deserving each and every dollar you earn.


Just hand out samples, like the nice old lady at Costco. As in, “Here, have some leads. And if you want more, let’s talk.” Let ’em sell themselves. Then, once you get some wins, word spreads. Soon, business owners will come to you.


But wait: don’t they already have a website? Most local business owners do have a website, yes. But it’s buried deep in the search engines. No one can find it. Plus it’s outdated. Looks awful on mobile. The content’s crap. It’s hard to navigate. There’s no compelling reason to email, or request a quote, or call now. All in all, it’s useless. So why wouldn’t they just do this process themselves then, if it’s so easy? A few do. They buy our training. And so should you, if you own a brick and mortar and you’re up for the challenge. But most are far too busy. They wear so many hats. Get caught up in day-to-day operations. And don’t have the time or interest to sit behind a computer and geek-out on this “internet marketing stuff.” And since we give them results in advance, they know what they’re getting before they spend a dime. And since we’re the bill that pays their bills, well, for that, they’re grateful.


Can’t stress this enough. This is one of the few online business models where you are creating an asset that nobody can take from you. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not next year.  Not ever. You can’t be booted or banned without warning. Which, sadly, is almost inevitable for affiliates, advertisers, network marketers, social media marketers, and anyone selling on Shopify or doing the whole Amazon FBA thing. Again. I’m not saying you can’t do well with those things. I’m saying it’s only a matter of time before the rug gets yanked out from under you, placing you and your family’s future in serious jeopardy. Ownership solves that. It gives you consistency, security, peace of mind. Finally, let’s not forget, what you can rent, monthly, you can sell—for a meaty multiple—sometime down the road. If you so choose.


No more waiting weeks for itty-bitty commissions. No more being at the mercy of policies, procedures and friggin’ fine print. Oh, and what if, on occasion, a client doesn’t pay? Well, with a few clicks of our handy-dandy software, you can pause their leads. Or reroute them to a new client. Sounds harsh, I know. But that’s business. You want that ability, trust me. Control is power. Power to put food on the table. Power to charge what you’re worth. Power to get paid on time, every time. Also, it’s respect. Funny how well you get treated when you have something other people so desperately need. Most important, you set the rules. “I’m available via text, Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 4 pm, if you need me. Please. No calls or emails. And nights, weekends and holidays are for family.” That? Right there? Is the only way you’ll ever truly be free. You have to call the shots. And, thanks to this brilliant business, you can.


Why am I telling you all of this? What’s in it for me? Obviously, I have something for sale. I recommend you join my mentor’s done-with-you experience. It comes with that software I was telling you about. Tools. Calculators. Tech support. Accountability. Mindset training. Meetups. Events. Outsourcing options. The whole shebang. Makes other courses and coaching programs look like child’s play. But hey, maybe I’m biased. Either way, put your wallet away. There’s an application process, so you couldn’t buy it today—even if you wanted to. And I doubt that you do. Not yet. Not till I prove everything I just said.


You wouldn’t be reading this if it didn’t work. Think about it. How’d you get here? Google search, right? Well, that’s exactly what we do for these small businesses, only it’s about a million times less competitive when you’re trying to rank for, say, “landscape design company Tallahassee, Florida.” Which is why you can get away with a one-page website and a few paragraphs of text and still rank in a matter of days or weeks for a specific niche plus city. Here, I’ll show you:

Cory Johnson: CEO of a business he has yet to launch. As seen on your mom’s phone. Scaled to 7-figures in seven seconds selling a course on selling courses. Kidding. Watch this.