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Drew Canole Net Worth: How Rich Is The Organifi Guy?

Drew Canole Workout

How much money does Drew Canole, the face of Organifi, make? Read on for the answer. But first, here are his three keys to success.

Drew Canole’s life-changing habits

“Hey my friend, I want to tell you the three things that have radically transformed my life,” Drew said in one of his Instagram videos.

“Number one would be: give without expecting anything in return. It’s changed my life in so many ways.”

“When my focus is on focusing ‘out,’ it takes all the pressure off myself. Drew doesn’t have to do anything. I allow God to do it for me. I become the pencil in the hand of God, as Mother Teresa says.”

“And I think that’s a very powerful place to live your life from, because the more we can let go of that limited us (the small us), the more we can step into that supernatural being of who we really are.”

“So give without expecting anything in return.”

“Number two would be positive self-talk. Fill your mind with positive thoughts.”

“‘I love my life.’ ‘I’m looking forward to today.’ ‘I love the people that are in my life.’ ‘It’s absolutely amazing that I get to have this experience on the planet at this time.’ ‘It’s a remarkable time to be alive.’ ‘Life is rigged in my favor.’ ‘Life is happening for me, not to me.'”

“And when we fill our minds with these things, what shows up—that reticular activation system of our brain—starts to show, in the holographic universe, more messages that are like that.”

“So, positive self-talk, okay?”

“And the last one… is waking up early. Most mornings I’m up at 4 AM. I try to get more done by 9 AM than most people do in an entire day.”

“You’ve always heard ‘the early bird gets the worm.’ Not necessarily true. There’s a lot of millionaires and billionaires who wake up at 8, 9 o’clock in the morning.”

“What I’m saying that works for me, as a lion chronotype, right—someone who’s always up way before the sun gets up—is waking up super early.”

“I think there’s a period of about 20 to 30 minutes when we first wake up where your Theta and your Alpha state of your brain is working perfectly to put you in a relaxed calm state, and also shuttling information into your subconscious brain.”

“So if you want to learn? That’s the best time to do it. First thing in the morning.”

“If you’re trying to write a book, make business decisions… early in the morning is the best time to do it.”

“So those would be the three things, my friend. Giving, positive self-talk, and waking up early.”

Why Organifi wins

Organifi Employees

“Love my family @Organifi!” Canole writes, “it’s amazing when you put all of your self into something.”

“I see so many people that just show up as their half selves! When was the last time you put your whole self in?”

“There is a reason we’ve grown so fast! 1) We put our whole selves in. 2) We have fun. 3) We are helping millions of people. 4) We are sexy AF! Just look at us.”

The man ain’t wrong. Organifi now has approximately 58 employees and pulls in $37 million dollars a year in revenue. So how much of that goes to Drew?

Drew Canole is easily a multi-millionaire

Drew Canole Outside His Home

Here’s what we know about Drew’s income situation. He launched Organifi in 2010. The first few years he made almost no money.

But, by reinvesting in his company and building it for the long-term, Organifi has exploded in profitability over the last few years.

All things considered, we believe Drew’s personal net worth is somewhere around $8 million dollars. Should Organifi ever get acquired, that number would jump exponentially.

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