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Jason Capital Net Worth

Jason Capital Income

Jason Capital net worth: Jason Capital is an online marketer with an estimated net worth of $15 million dollars.

He grew up in a small town, just outside the D, about seven miles from a guy who goes by Slim Shady.  His parents were loving, but overprotective.

Feeling smothered, Jason would escape to the gym to play basketball.  It was his “positive addiction.”  At 13, however, he was the only one of his friends who didn’t make the team.

Chip, meet shoulder.  It was on.  Capital began living at the gym.  Fueled by dark energy, he was shooting 4,000+ shots a day.  Then, when he got kicked out of the gym, he’d return to his basement and practice dribbling for another couple of hours.  It paid off.

Jason made the cut every year thereafter.  And while his game improved, he was one of two white kids on the team, which came with a lot of: “What do you think you’re doing here, white boy?”

So the chip shrunk, but never left entirely.  Jason was always battling to prove he belonged there.  That obsession carried him all the way to college, where he played a little DIII and then DII ball.  But by 20, he was burnt out.

Around that time, he met Elliott Hulse, who owned a gym close to campus.  They became buddies.  And, over time, Elliott encouraged Jason to write an eBook like he had done.  Only, instead of muscle building, Jason wrote about what he knew: which was b-ball.  It was 115 pages plus how-to videos.

He launched it for $14.95 with a “buy now” PayPal button, went to a Halloween party, and figured he’d wake up rich the next day.  He didn’t.  Not a single sale.

So he forgets about it.  A few months go by.  Then, he’s at this underground seminar, totally overwhelmed, when he meets another influential person: Craig Ballantyne.  For whatever reason, Craig took a liking to Jason.  He sat down with him, and said, “Here’s what you need to do.”  Now, by this time, Craig had already made millions online, so Jason hung on every word.

He went home and did exactly what Craig had instructed.  Soon, Jason was making $20,000 per month from that eBook.  He was 20 at the time.

Now for a new passion: girls.  And, not surprising, Jason approached picking up chicks the same way he did basketball and e-publishing – he went all-in.  Read books, bought courses, became friends with other guys who had game, went out constantly and tested what he was learning.

And, before long, he was one heckuva pick-up artist too.  Almost too good, in fact.  To where, a frat guy got pissed because Jason was hogging all the attention at one of their parties, and so, he swallowed his pride and asked Jason to share his secrets.  Uh, light bulb.

Enter his second eBook: Make Women Want You.  Sprinkle in better copy, a bunch of affiliates, and nine months later, Jason Capital was officially a millionaire.  Good thing, too, as his basketball eBook had all but dried up.

By the way, Jason says you need to do these four things to get great at copywriting:

  1. Read a wide range of books, consistently.
  2. Write your ass off.  First thing, each morning, for one, two, three, even four hours.
  3. Self-education/mentors to shorten the learning curve and get feedback on what you’re writing.
  4. Write with money on the line.  Only then will you force yourself to dig deep, pull out all the stops, and do what it takes to convert lookers into buyers.

Anyhoo.  All of this led to his best-selling book, Higher Status: The New Science of Success and Achievement.  Then, in marketing that book, Jason realized it wasn’t hoops or hook-ups or even the latest book he was most passionate about.  Nope.  It was the copy itself.

And that sort of brings us full circle.  These days, Jason Capital helps people replace “rat race income” with “laptop income” through a series of courses, coaching programs, and live events.

Whether it’s making money through email or Instagram or whatever the next hottest thing is, everything comes back to his latest love – messaging – and with $40 million in sales before the age of 30, I think he’s qualified to teach it.  Wink.

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