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Grant Cardone Net Worth

10X Net Worth

Grant Cardone net worth: Grant Cardone is a sales trainer and real estate investor with a net worth of “it’s complicated.”  My guess is somewhere around $120 million dollars.

I say that because Grant, himself, doesn’t even know.  Here’s his refreshingly honest answer:

So what is Grant Cardone’s net worth?

Well it’s hard to say.  I would have to sell Cardone Training Technologies, Cardone Group, GrantCardoneTV, my book rights, copyrights, ownership of future book deals, my name, apps, and find a buyer for 4,500 apartment units.

And then I would have a very serious tax event that I would do almost anything to avoid.

Cardone believes net worth is a pissing contest for the wealthy, who tend to be overly optimistic about their actual number.  (After all, egos are at stake.)  He’s more concerned with passive cash flow.  And he’s got plenty, thanks to an apartment complex portfolio worth close to $500 million.

Yet, in a recent interview with Lewis Howes, he’s like: “Hey man, don’t go out to dinner with me.  I’m broke.”  Half-joking, Cardone’s point was: I go all in on real estate.  The guy makes a killing doing public speaking and selling books and training programs, then continuously “drains his accounts” by buying up more real estate.

Whatever the number, Grant Cardone is a rich man and only getting richer by the day.

Grant Cardone net worth lessons

The most important lessons I’ve learned from watching and studying Grant Cardone over the years could pretty much be summed up by the titles of his seven best-selling books: Sell to Survive; The Closer’s Survival Guide; If You’re Not First, You’re Last; The 10X Rule; Sell or Be Sold; The Millionaire Booklet; Be Obsessed or Be Average.

I mean, that’s exactly what he’s taught me: to think big, act big, embrace sales, and be unapologetically obsessed with success.

And man does he live it.  At 59 years old, Grant Cardone has the energy and passion of an 18 year old.  Every time I watch Power Players – where he interviews movers and shakers in all sorts of industries – I’m left going, damn this dude’s on another level.

So I step up my game immediately.  Seriously.  So inspiring.

I’m grateful for guys like Uncle G and Gary Vaynerchuk for showing me what execution looks like at the absolute highest level.

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