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Dru Carpenito Reviews: Franchise Fraud… Or God?

Dru Carpenito How To Buy A Franchise Ad

Dru Carpenito says he’ll teach me how to buy a franchise. More specifically, in a free training that’s only available for a limited time, he’ll show me “how to leave corporate America, be my own boss, build my own income, diversify my investment portfolio, enjoy unique tax advantages, accelerate my net worth, set myself up for retirement, and have fun doing it… all by investing in the right franchise (even if I’ve got zero industry experience).” This, per his Facebook sidebar ad I just clicked on.

Now before I review Dru’s offer, if you’re interested in all of those benefits he listed, you might wanna consider digital real estate, which is what we do:

So Dru Carpenito authored The Franchise Investment Guide and calls himself “a franchise expert who has helped hundreds of people create more wealth investing in the right franchise.” Furthermore, Dru offers a “free to service” (not sure what that is, but we’re about to find out) helping motivated people find the right franchise to buy.

If I cough up my email and opt-in to his funnel, I’ll get the following goodies:

  • The Franchise Investment System: how to find the HOT franchise that has the potential you want (hint: it’s probably not a food franchise).
  • The secrets people with zero industry experience have used to achieve massive success investing in certain franchises.
  • How to fund my investment without using a lot of cash through  strategies most people don’t know about.
  • How to get Dru’s personal help for free.
The Franchise Investment Guide

Sounds good to me. I went ahead and entered my email and Dru sent the following message to my inbox:


[VIDEO] Franchise Investing Training




Thanks for checking out my training:

“The Step-By-Step Process To Find High-Quality Franchises With Tremendous Potential That You Can Use To Build Your Own Wildly Successful Business Even If You Have Zero Industry Experience”

This training is for you if you feel the inspiration to pour your own time and energy into building your own successful business and want to figure out if there is a franchise out there that can help you shortcut your path to success.

If this resonates with you, here’s what to do next:

FIRST: Click here to watch the training (if you haven’t already)

NEXT: Schedule your Free Franchise Strategy Session

Click here to schedule

This is where I’ll help you personally put together a plan to explore franchises.

And you can use this plan to figure out if there is a franchise out there that is the right fit for you.

There are amazing businesses that are franchised that require zero experience and are thriving in the middle of these crazy times.

However, trying to find the right one through the thousands of options that are out there can be overwhelming.

I’ve been there. Trust me.

You’ve taken the first step which is to learn as much as you can about franchising. Well done.

The next step is to put together a plan which I’ll help you with during your Free Franchise Strategy Session.

Click here to schedule

And if you’re wondering if there is a catch or why my help is free, it’s because I’m a franchise broker and I’m paid by franchise companies.

Now, book your Free Strategy Session if you want to franchising!

Click here to schedule

Upward and onward!


Founder – The Franchise Investment System

Franchise Investment System
12219 Olympic Club Dr
Charlotte, North Carolina 28277
United States

When I clicked the link in the email, as promised, I was taken to the video training:

Dru Carpenito Franchise Pitch

And below that, Dru addressed the elephant in the room:

Free Franchise Consultation

After you watch the video, he asks you to book a free strategy session and explains why his help is “free,” which actually makes total sense—Dru’s kickback comes from the franchisor, not you, the (potential) franchisee. Therefore, if you decide to work with Dru and he pairs you with the perfect franchise… and you invest in it… you still don’t pay him a penny; the company offering the franchise opportunity would.

Not only that, but to incentivize you to book that franchise strategy session, Dru’s willing to sweeten the pot:

Bonus Report Dru Carpenito

Hell of a deal if you’re serious about going the franchise route. Now. To be fair to Dru Carpenito, I’m not going to leak everything he covers in the video. I’d encourage you to go through his funnel yourself… to get the full scoop. But I can tell you I watched the entire thing, and it’s a nice mix of value and pitch; and the guy definitely knows what he’s talking about. Conclusion? “Franchise God” it is then.

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