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Coaches Cartel Reviews (Chris Dufey… Taki’s Twin?)

Chris Dufey Personal Trainer

Chris Dufey, “The Coaches Coach,” helps fitness coaches earn six to seven figures (or more) online. Read on for my Coaches Cartel review.

Actually, before you do, consider watching this case study. In it, my mentor and another one of his students will teach you how to create “virtual toll booths” that pay you, passively, every single month. You may find it easier and more enjoyable than building your fitness biz.

Better than personal training?

So after I clicked on the Coaches Cartel ad I saw on Facebook, I got pitched a 17-minute crash course that’ll show me exactly how to add 10-20 clients a month without a big social media following.

Get Clients Coaches Cartel

Not only that, but Chris Dufey promises to reveal:

  1. Nine accelerators to a high six-figure fitness business (and which one 97% of Fit Pros should focus on now)
  2. How to bring in new clients on demand with a dead easy lead generator method (dubbed “The Snake”).
  3. Three keys to quickly fill your “sales pipeline” so you can start signing on new clients within the first 24-hours.

Let’s see if Chris keeps his word. I entered my name and email and, a few minutes later, saw this in my inbox:


Your 100k plan




Hi Cory,

Here it is…

The 6-FIGURE FIT PRO PLAN™ < The coaching session you asked for.

Also if we’re just meeting, you should know that we help coaches who don’t have enough leads or clients. Grow their business and go beyond 6-figures a year.

And if you ever want to get some 1:1 help, we can jump on the phone for a quick call, and brainstorm how to get you more leads, more sales, and more time by Clicking HERE.

I’ll be sending you a quick email with the bonus guides for you real soon.

Glad you’re here!

Chris Dufey

Head Capo @ Coaches Cartel

Fitness and health entrepreneur? Tune into the podcast here.

Chris Dufey
PO BOX 671
MANLY NSW 2095, Australia

Clicking the first link in the email takes me to the “session in progress.” (Sure it is, Chris.) Here goes nothing.

Critiquing the Coaches Cartel

Chris Dufey Presentation

The video begins and a high-energy, muscly Aussie says there are three steps to building a multi-six-figure personal training business.

First, attract your ideal prospects. (Not tire kickers or freebie-seekers.) Second, convert those leads into paying clients with a system you can trust. Third, deliver the results you promised while getting your life back.

A few minutes in, and it hits me: this dude is doing almost the exact same pitch as Taki Moore, only, tweaked for fitness peeps. WTF?

This coaching coaches pyramid scheme is already saturated! Hilarious.

And even if you can look past the fact that Chris Dufey is a total copycat, my God, the man said nothing at all for 17 annoying minutes. Literally nothing.

Chris Dufey must think you’re an idiot

The Coaches Cartel Conman

Go back up and read the headline and three bullet points he swore he’d deliver on in this training. All lies. He didn’t specifically address any of it.

Just a bunch of stupid iPad drawings and numbered nothingness (“five factors,” “nine accelerators,” “three outcomes,” etc.). Not a single actionable tip or tactic in the entire pitch.

Maybe that’s because all he knows about marketing and advertising is what he’s learned (and copied) from Taki, who also doesn’t know diddly.

Maybe his strategy is to just hop on camera, be good-looking, and hope that’s enough to earn your business. Seems to be working for Taki, Tanner, and Yahya. Why not Chris?

Verdict? Pass. Regardless of what Coaches Cartel costs—I’d rather have cocktails with Bill Cosby than sign up for a “free strategy call” to find out.

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