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Pete Cashmore Net Worth

Mashable Founder CEO

Pete Cashmore net worth: founder and former CEO of Mashable, Pete Cashmore has an estimated net worth of $18 million.

Get this: he started the blog at 19… still living with his parents in Scotland.  Twelve years later, Mashable’s morphed into a global media and entertainment company with a whopping 45 million monthly readers and 28 million social media followers.

Cashmore now has serious street cred in the tech world.  He’s on every list in every major publication that has anything to do with being young and successful.

Today, Mashable is rumored to be worth somewhere between $50 and $100 million dollars.  Cashmore has taken the last couple years off, but has hinted at a new project he’ll be starting soon.

In researching Pete Cashmore’s net worth, I was reminded of the following million dollar lessons:

1) The hell with age.  You’re never too young or too old to start a business.

2) Find opportunity in adversity.  Cashmore’s career started as a way to pass time – dinking around on the internet – while he was recovering from appendectomy complications.  But after reading and learning so much about tech, he started submitting articles to major publications under pen names.  Which brings up the next point.

3) Live it.  Cashmore spent six years in-the-trenches of tech and blogging… before launching Mashable.  After, he’d work 18 hour days, publishing an average of 10 new articles a day.  He even set his sleep schedule so that blog updates would go out during peak reading hours in the U.S.  (Remember, he was still in Scotland living with the ‘rents in the early days.)

4) Income follows impact.  Unlike most bloggers, Cashmore didn’t write for himself.  He knew it was all about utility.  “What’s the reader going to get out of this?” he’d ask himself, before sitting down to type.  And that very distinction is what separates million dollar blogs from “me too” blogs.

Props to Pete.  As an internet publisher myself, his success story is especially inspiring.

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