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Chris Cavallini Net Worth, Sick Pics

Chris Cavallini Red Lambo

Chris Cavallini has a fascinating story. He was arrested 17 times prior to his 18th birthday. He says he was an insecure, unhappy kid who grew up in an environment that lacked any sort of normalcy, structure, or discipline.

Mom had him at 16. Dad split. Mom got addicted to drugs. So Chris became a product of the system, bouncing around from one foster home to the next, before eventually making his way back to live with his biological grandma. But she had her own issues. Anyways.

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Due to a lack of love and attention, Chris began acting out at a young age. Drinking, trespassing, marijuana possession, assault with a deadly weapon—as the years passed, his mischief escalated.

After high school, he joins the Navy and, during that time, gets his act together. But after he gets out, he slips right back into his old ways and starts selling anabolic steroids. To make matters worse, he’s good at it. Chris is making money hand over fist, driving a fluorescent orange Lamborghini and glow-in-the-dark-green H2 Hummer, and life is good. Only, it wasn’t.

His drug dealer friends were all getting caught, going to prison, ratting each other out. He knew it was only a matter of time before he’d be behind bars himself.

So he began transitioning out of the drug game. He started small: making his bed every day, keeping his car clean. He was reading every self-help book he could get his hands on.

Nutrition Solutions Founder Ripped

It had been years since Chris last sold drugs. He thought he’d dodged a major bullet by never getting caught. He was wrong.

Karma eventually caught up and Chris was offered a deal: two years in jail for the crimes he committed. Against his attorney’s advice, he didn’t take it. Instead, he pled guilty and went before the judge to own up to his mistakes and show that he was a changed man.

The day of his sentencing, 100+ people showed up at the courtroom to vouch for Chris’ character. The judge had never seen anything like it, and let Chris off, convinced he had already completed the purpose of prison (which is rehabilitation) on his own.

What now? Chris started his own healthy meal delivery service. It was a natural fit because he was always into fitness and really wanted to do something positive now that the universe had given him such a big break in avoiding jail time.

Fast forward to present day. Chris is now the CEO of Nutrition Solutions, which does eight figures a year. He has almost by accident become an online influencer, sharing his remarkable story on popular podcasts, before starting his own.

How Tall Chris Cavallini

All things considered, we believe Chris’ net worth is at least $8 million dollars. His number one tip to set yourself apart and win at business? It’s not sexy: just focus on the customer. Give them such an incredible experience buying from you and using your product, that they feel compelled to tell others.

Also interesting, Chris has a mandatory personal development hour for all of his employees at work. During that time, there’s no talking, no distractions—everyone’s listening to an uplifting audio. It’s almost church-like.

Not only that, Chris pays ’em to do two grueling workouts, on site, per week. “Someone always pukes,” he says, emphasizing the intensity of these sessions. The goal is to seek out discomfort and build mental toughness.

Every Friday, they do community service as a team. Whether it’s feeding the homeless, cleaning up the streets, handing out healthy snacks to kids in poor neighborhoods—anything to give back and, as a result, give his employees a taste of philanthropy and show them how good it feels.

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