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Chad Kimball’s Elite Members Training Review

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Chad Kimball, looking like Tom from MySpace (but with more hair), just tiptoed through my newsfeed with this ad. Before I review Chad Kimball’s Elite Members Training, feast your eyes on this case study. My mentor shows you how to rent little websites.

Back to Chaddo. The first thing I like to do when critiquing an ad is find out why I’m seeing it. In this case, if I click the dot-dot-dot in the upper righthand corner of Chad’s ad, then click on “Why am I seeing this ad?” I get the following information from Facebook:

Chad Kimball Targeting Criteria

As you can see, this is a retargeting ad, for anyone who’s 18 or older, in the U.S., who’s visited The Arbor Academy at some point. For me, it was probably when I clicked Chad’s YouTube ad and did my initial review.

So we know he’s speaking to a warm audience. With that in mind, let’s check out the copy. Here it is:

Chad Kimball Elite Member Ad Copy

Even though copywriting 101 says “make it about them,” I think Chad opening with a short story about himself still works. Especially because the photo he choose to go with it is so unique. It definitely stopped my scroll and got me to pay attention.

Also, the story will resonate with the majority of Chad’s prospects. If they hate their job, their boss, the dress code, the lack of freedom, etc., but they’re apprehensive about starting their own business, chances are, they’ll wanna know how he escaped that situation.

And Chad promises his free training will answer that very question. He then does a good job of using the last couple of bullet points to overcome objections.

No experience, no previous training, no computer skills? No problem. “Will it work for me?” Well, it has for hundreds before you. (See how he did that? Nicely done.)

But what could he have done better? I think Chad could’ve described the payoff in a more emotionally-exciting way. “I overcame it and never looked back,” doesn’t quite do it for me.

And more bullets describing the advantages of watching the training wouldn’t hurt.

And last, a liquidating benefit would be the cherry on top. “Act now or miss out on [blank],” for example. And no, I’m not talking about fake scarcity. That’s what most unethical, lazy-minded marketers do. I mean something real. “If you watch the training and book a call before [this date], you’ll get my Easy Local Cash course, even if you don’t join.”

Something like that. You get the idea. And then, after that date, you actually keep your word and stop giving people the course moving forward. At that point, you could come up with a different time-sensitive bribe. And so on and so forth. It’s more work, yes, but it would pay dividends.

Overall, Chad Kimball’s Elite Members Training ad was solid. Not that it matters all that much. With retargeting ads, you can do a lot wrong and still see a sizable ROAS.

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