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6 Bromantic Chance And Abdul Photos

Abdul And Chance Rooftop

Abdul: “I knew that was one hit too many.”

Chance: “Dude, I tried to tell ya – that Yabba Dabba’s no joke.”

Abdul And Chance Jumping Woods

Just two dudes… leapin’ a log… dropkicking the air… because of course they are.

Chance And Abdul Video Outtake

Chance: “And it was [all in my mind].  I was totally fine.  I’ve never even been to Mount Vesuvius.”

Abdul: “Cool story Chansel.”

Abdul Chance Snowboarding

*How you celebrate when you discover leftover shrooms in a random pocket of your ski jacket.

Chance Abdul On Stage

*The we-just-twisted-that-talk’s-titty face.

The Millionaire Middleman Wilderness

The next great YouTube ad: “Here in my wilderness…”

The Modern Millionaires give me a broner.

Maybe… if they’re not bronogamous… I can talk ’em into a ménage à bra.  A guy can dream, can’t he?

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