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Chandler David Smith Net Worth, Rental Income


At 21 years old, Chandler David Smith applied for one job after another, but couldn’t get hired. So he ended up selling pest control door-to-door. He would go on to break the rookie record, earning $96,000 in his first year.

Year two, he trained a team of sales reps below him and, with more leverage, brought in $144,000. The next year, he made just shy of $250,000. Today, he manages over 300 sales reps. Collectively, they did about $15 million in new business over the last 12 months. The owner of the pest control company wants to go public once they reach a $1 billion dollar valuation. If that happens, Chandler would get paid out $10 to $15 million bucks.

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Despite making really good money, Chandler chose to live as frugal as possible. On the advice of his friend’s dad, who had done really well for himself, he decided to put his money to work for him by investing in real estate.

After a year and a half of reading books and spending time on Bigger Pockets, he bought his first property. Once he saw that first check, he was hooked and wanted more. He picked up a condo. Then a duplex. Then a fourplex. And so on. Chandler was dead-set on building an empire.

He’s well on his way. Today, he’s got more than 120+ units, which bring in over six figures a month in rent. So why do the whole online influencer thing if he’s making so much moola selling pest control and investing in real estate?

“When it comes to YouTube, I loved watching Graham’s channel,” Chandler admitted on The Iced Coffee Hour with Jack and Graham Stephan. “Like, fanboy for sure, early on.”

Why not model Graham? Chandler had even more rental properties, plus a ton of sales experience he could talk about—so that’s exactly what he did. “And they all work together,” Chandler explained. “The YouTube channel has found me real estate deals and it’s found me power players for my sales organization. And so they all feed off of each other, ya know? So I just kinda scaled all of ’em.”

Chandler David Smith Purple C8

And now Chandler’s finally enjoying some of the fruits of his labor. Both cars pictured above—the wrapped ‘Rari and purple C8—he purchased from fellow YouTuber, TheStradman. Then there’s his 18,000 square foot house he’s building, complete with basketball court, locker room, indoor pool, and all sorts of cool stuff where he can host sales masterminds.

Chandler’s no dummy though. Buying catchy cars from another big YouTuber is just good business. It’s probably brought him enough new subscribers to pay for itself. Especially now that he’s pitching his real estate investment course, which, all income from that is pure profit. Ka-ching.

Chandler thinks his real estate portfolio is worth $14 million. He’s got a little under $8 million in debt. At the time of writing this, he hasn’t really done anything with stocks. But Meet Kevin has him considering it. That puts his net worth, on paper, somewhere around $6 million dollars.

It should really start snowballing from here on out though, thanks to ad revenue, course sales, and inevitable sponsorships that’ll come his way. This interview’s pretty dope if you wanna learn more about Chandler David Smith.

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