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Chase Chappell Facebook Ads Review

ChaseChappell.com Facebook Advertising

Chase Chappell, via his latest Facebook ad, is offering a no-cost case study: how to achieve a 942% increase in FB ad ROAS. I’ll review his Facebook ads course in a minute, but first, watch this. It’s a case study my coach did with another student, showing off his anti-ads business model:

Cool, so after I clicked on Chase’s sidebar ad, I was taken to a squeeze page straight outta Sam Ovens’ playbook. First impression? Poser! “But, f*ck it, I’m already here, so let’s see where this goes,” I thought.

Chase Chappell System Facebook Marketers

So I went ahead and opted-in. I was immediately taken to a private page where a training video, testimonies, and big “book your call” button awaited me. I also got the following email from Chase:


Did you watch it?





You did watch the video, right?

The one where I talked about how to generate 3x, 5x, 10x even 20x ROI from Facebook ads every single month on-demand and with predictability?

The video is perfect for anybody looking to generate a high return on investment with Facebook Ads.

If you have not watched the video yet here’s what you should do next:

First, Click Here to watch this training video now. If you haven’t already…

The second thing you should do is schedule your free marketing strategy session call with me.

Once you schedule your call I will personally be getting on the phone with you to learn more about:

  • What your current goals are.
  • What you’re currently doing to get results and if it is working are you trying to scale those results.
  • What problems you’re currently having with Facebook Ads.

And then ultimately whether or not we can work together so I can help you achieve the results you want.

If you feel you’re ready to step up and move forward fast with your Facebook marketing results then book your strategy session and let’s see how I can help explode your results.

Schedule Your Strategy Session Now

Talk to you soon!

– Chase

Chappell Training Technologies LLC
5049 Edwards Ranch Rd, STE 400
Fort Worth, Texas 76109, USA

Pretty standard stuff. Nothing jumps out good or bad at this point. Now let’s check out his video and see what he’s all about, shall we?

Scale Facebook Ads ROI

As the video gets underway, Chase tells his story. In 2016, he was dead-broke, sleeping on a couch in his sister’s garage, he recalls, sounding like every guru ever. Thing was, he was really good at Facebook ads at that time, but he wasn’t applying it to his own business.

In 2018, he finally started running Facebook ads for his own offers, and his agency exploded. Then, Chase claims, the market begged him to create a Facebook ads course, and so he obliged.

In this new program, Chase Chappell reveals the new way to setup and scale your Facebook ads.

His process involves: choosing campaign budget optimization; leaving the targeting wide open (just let Facebook figure it out); turning up the dial; and setting automated rules to run the FB ads almost hands-free.

It’s interesting, more and more Facebook ads experts are saying that about not selecting targets or even narrowing things down by demographic info. Just yesterday, the guys from Chat Crew by Maps Liftoff said the same thing.

Anyways, after that, Chase covers the four phases of a winning Facebook ad campaign.

Phase 1: don’t reinvent the wheel—take old messages that have worked for your competitors, and run them yourself.

Phase 2: test, test, test—run different versions of their ads, and find out which ones perform best.

Phase 3: optimize the already perfected—simply shut off the losers and ramp up the winners.

Phase 4: scale the profits—as long as you’re positive, keep pushing harder and harder.

Chase then goes into his pitch for a strategy call. He warns that his Facebook ads mentoring is not cheap. And to only hop on the calendar if you’re ready and able to invest.

My overall impression? Dude knows his stuff. There was one thing, however, that I didn’t agree with.

I think it’s lame AF to copy your competitors. Sure, it’s the straightest path to profitable Facebook ads. But it’s uncool, uncreative, and waters down your brand.

Like I said about Chase’s squeeze page earlier: I personally wouldn’t pay money to any guru who’s copying another guru. I’d just go straight to the O.G. who he or she learned it from.

But yeah. Other than that, not much else to say about Chase Chappell. Thanks for reading this review. And if you didn’t already watch the video at the top, you should.

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