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Dave Chappelle Net Worth

David Chappelle Netflix

Dave Chappelle net worth: actor, sketch comic, and stand up comedian, Dave Chappelle has a net worth of approximately $69 million dollars.

After some smaller movie roles, Chappelle co-wrote Half Baked and played the main character.  His career took off from there.

Dave eventually got his own TV deal, a sketch comedy series appropriately named Chappelle’s Show.  It ran for two years, became wildly successful, made him a ton of money, but the new level of fame and fortune would take its toll on Chappelle.  Dave unexpectedly walked away during the filming of season three and laid low for a while.

Eventually he returned to stand up and reestablished himself as one of the best comedians of all time.

Recently, he signed a mega deal with Netflix: four specials that pay Chappelle a cool $20,000,000 per episode.  So, umm, put that in your trophy case and shine it.

In one of those specials, he hinted at hanging up the mic, once again, after they’re all released.  Hope not.  I love me some Dave.

In college, my buddies and I’d watch Killin’ Them Softly every time we got home from the bar.  Hashtag nostalgia.

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