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Tanner Chidester: Forbes Fraud?

Tanner Chidester Forbes Fraud

Elite CEOs founder, Tanner Chidester, was “featured” in Forbes. What I wonder is, how’d that come about? Did he pay for it? If so, should he have to disclose that?

Anyone else think it’s weird that the article reads like an ad for hiring Tanner, even if you’re broke and have to run up a credit card to get his mentoring?

And what about the CNBC article? Strange how two major publications were so hard-up for content they reached out to a dude selling a make money online course and just had to tell his story to their audiences. Right? (Or did they?)

Also, he claims to have scaled to a million a month in the last two years. Yet, a little over a year ago, he bought a done-for-you funnel from someone I know, and charged back! Even though the funnel was getting him apps! (He whined about the quality of them and said he couldn’t close them.)

Then, a few months later, I see him running all these ads with these insane income claims, and all this “perfect press” starts to drop… and I’m over here scratchin’ my head.

One minute, money’s so tight, he’s committing the cardinal sin—charging back another well-known guru; the next, he’s Scrooge McDuck, and says “buying courses and paying other coaches is the secret.” Hmm.

Is charging back also part of that secret? How ’bout faking it till ya make it? And I’d love to know how the Forbes thing came about. Or see a tax return from the last two years. I mean, Tanner, himself, says you should pay him because he makes over a million a month. So shouldn’t he have to prove that?

For the record, I have no issue with Tanner selling courses and mentoring. I’m just saying, based on what I know, his backstory seems unlikely. And if he did exaggerate to sorta get the sales ball rolling, can he really help you follow suit?

Especially if you’re not young, good-looking, and jacked? And, I mean, is this guy saying anything you haven’t heard before? And does he seem authentic?

For instance, I looked through his Instagram. To me, it’s a bunch of recycled tips, not-so-subliminal messages to hire Tanner, not-so-humble bragging, but once in a while remembering to tell people what they wanna hear.

I’ll share some examples below. But first, ever thought about digital real estate? Here’s what I mean:

*NOT as seen in Forbes or CNBC or anywhere else really. No million dollar months. And there are plenty of ways to make money without hiring the “douche with dreads” to teach you this system.

**But it’s a practical way for average, everyday people to make some side money without turning yourself into a meme like a Tanner or a Tai Lopez.

Alright, back to Tanner. Am I being too cynical here? Let’s take a look at some of his latest Insta posts.

Tanner Chidester CNBC

Tanner Chidester on finding fulfillment:

Most people “stay busy” their entire lives simply trying to pay the bills or retire.

They don’t feel especially fulfilled, but because they are so busy they hardly seem to notice. I’ve noticed personally the bigger my company has become the more “unfulfilled” I have felt. Simply because I don’t have to work much anymore if I don’t want to.

Lots of times the things we are chasing (money, cars, clothes) don’t matter so much once we have them.

Make sure you find the thing(s) that make you feel happy. Sometimes we work so hard or get so lost in the day to day that we forget about things far more important.

I hope all of you get to live one day with the opportunity to choose what you want to do not because you’re told to but because you have the time and financial freedom to.

Tanner Chidester Click Funnels

Tanner Chidester could have a career in politics:

Seeing my clients succeed is what truly makes me happy.

I’d rather help someone learn how to make 100k+ a year than make another couple million for me.

It changes their lives much more than me making more money ever will for me.

And that’s what makes what I do so cool.

Tanner Chidester Facebook Live

Tanner Chidester overdelivers… by one tip:

3 tips for copywriting…

  1. First couple lines, start with something to the point or who your ad is about. Keep this 1-2 sentences.
  2. Start to relate to the prospect. Show them how you and them are exactly the same.
  3. Then name the one thing that changed it all for you. The thing you figured out or the epiphany.
  4. Now list the results. How the one thing you implemented started to help you change your stars.
Tanner Chidester Money Mindset

Tanner Chidester reading straight outta the Things Gurus Say playbook:

All my life I watch and see people pointing the blame on others.

Blame for their problems, education, temper, income, situation, and everything in between.

How powerless they must feel truly believing that they have ZERO control over their life.

It’s so much better to realize that everything is within your control. It gives you an internal peace like I can’t even describe.

When I learned this lesson it changed my perspective on pretty much everything.

Do I still make mistakes? Sure.

But knowing that when I get upset, fail at something, or make the wrong decision it is 100% my fault… gives me peace knowing I can change VERSUS thinking it’s inflicted upon me.

Tanner Chidester Car

Tanner Chidester low-key telling you to pay him if you wanna be successful:

Some want the rewards without the work.

Skills are what set apart those at the top from those at the bottom ultimately.

Sure you have work ethic, drive, determination, etc. among other traits that can definitely come into play.

But most of the “greats” simply have more skill than others by working on their craft or paying others to help them improve it.

Knowing things others don’t is the difference between becoming successful and just becoming another statistic.

Take it upon yourself to learn new skills or pay others to help you learn skills that you can use to create the life you want.

Tanner Chidester Solo Cup

Tanner Chidester sounding like Uncle G, and forgetting the part about how you sell your sh*t also being important:

Sales are not bad.

I’ve seen some individuals act as if sales are the devil when nothing could be further from the truth.

Sales is what makes the world go round and what is required to help the highest number of people possible.

It is your duty if you have something of value to offer that you sell it as many times as you possibly can.

The more you help others (sales) the more you help yourself.

Think of problems people have and solve them for them and you will always make a ton of money… which creates impact.

Entrepreneur Tanner Chidester

Tanner Chidester, A) did not know his cameraman was gonna snap that pic with his tricep flexed; B) says success is hard, but not really, but definitely is; and C) suggests, once again, paying him money is your best bet. (Wonder how he feels about charging back?)

Success is much like digging a hole with a shovel.

It’s hard of course but what you need to do is quite clear. That’s why it perplexes me when individuals say that becoming successful is hard.

I mean yes it requires hard work, but hard? Not really.

You simply find someone living the life you want and copy them.

You find out what they have done by either paying them or getting a course they made or even getting close to them (without being a leech).

Will the journey be hard like digging a hole with a shovel? Sure.

But when the path is clear on what you need to do it becomes a whole heck of a lot easier.

The path to success is clear if you simply follow the leader.

Tanner Chidester Laptop Lifestyle

If you’d like a side hustle you can do with no rented high-rise, no “entrepreneur canvas art” from Ikonick, without being a male model, without any “as seen on” nonsense, without having to sell using hype-y income claims, and without documenting your entire day for the internet to pick apart, click the link below.

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