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You Need To Chill

Chilling To Focus

This hyperconnected 12-hour-a-day dinging and chiming and buzzing and ringing and scrolling and browsing and clicking and refreshing and typing and texting and laugh-cry-emoji-ing?  Is crippling your focus.

You need to chill, brah.

So you can process what’s happening in your business.

So you can recharge.


Here’s what I’ve been doing – maybe it’ll help you:

1) Not rolling over and immediately checking my phone in the morning.  I have to be up for an hour before I even look at it.

2) Lots of slow, deep breaths throughout the day.

3) I started working with my BeatsX Earphones in.  They’re even more noise-canceling than earplugs.  To the point where, I almost got mowed down by an Escalade when I was running with ’em outside the other day.  Seriously… can’t hear sh*t.  So you feel crazy-focused when you work with these in.  Then, if you need to listen to a video, you’ve got great sound quality too.

4) Neat-freaked my office.  Which decluttered my mind.

5) Two-tab rule.  No more than two pages open on Chrome at any given time.  And usually it’s just one; but sometimes I need to bounce back and forth between reading something and taking notes – hence, two.

6) All simple sh*t gets pushed to afternoon.  Mornings are for complex, creative tasks – the money-making stuff.  Anything a drunk chimpanzee could do needs to happen after 2 pm.  It’s a better use of energy.

7) An hour of cardio a day.  Period.  If I feel terrible, it might be a really slow walk, but it has to get done.  I’m more positive and think clearer when I do this.

8) Fresh air.  Whether it’s cardio outside or takin’ a drive with the windows down.  Side note: if you’re in a funk, mentally, or low on energy, hop in the hooptie and cruise.  There’s something about that movement.  It’s calming.  And I know it puts kids to sleep, but for me, it almost gives me a second wind.

9) Work less, read and reflect and think more.  Never f*cking fails: the times I feel busiest and most stressed?  Are the times I’m making the least amount of money.

10) There’s an audiobook I re-listen to, about once a month, during cardio sessions: The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch.  I haven’t had too many ah-ha! moments in business; but this concept is one of ’em – and by far the most important.

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