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7 Images That’ll Give Ya Chills

Ed Before After

Ed Sheeran with the largest understatement of 2011.  Jeez.

Phelps First

I swear Michael Phelps is a human honey badger.  In a Speedo.

Kennedy Moon

JFK seemed like such a G.  He was probably the original panty mic dropper.

Twain Two Days

Mark Twain with some word porn.  What’s new?

Apple After

Oh nothing.  Just Steve Jobs in front of the most important garage in history.  And whatever the aliens donated for Apple’s new headquarters, below it.

Ronaldo Mom

Mom: “Cristiano, smile for the camera.”


Tiger Timeline

Tiger motherf*cking Woods.  Golf GOAT.  Wears one helluva red Nike shirt too.

Next: epic ad fails.

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