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Chad Chong Net Worth

Chad And Nattida Chong

Chad Chong net worth: Chad and Nattida Chong are the top income earners at World Global Network, with a net worth of approximately $19 million dollars.

Chad attributes their massive success to the following lessons.

1) Sleep less, work more.  Chad and Nattida choose to outwork everyone else because they believe in the leverage of network marketing and want to capitalize on that leverage as much as they can.

2) Find someone who has what you want and do what they do.  Chad wanted time and money freedom, so he found a “three percenter” in network marketing who had both… and simply modeled their thoughts and actions.

3) One of Chad’s early mentors taught him to observe what the masses are doing, then do the exact opposite.  If they go left, you go right.

4) Never stop recruiting.  Never.  Chad and Nattida are obsessed with networking and go to great lengths to tell as many people about their business as they can each day.  From hiring a nanny to help with the kids; to getting a full-time personal assistant; to making better use of car rides (to follow-up with prospects via phone); they do whatever it takes to squeeze more recruiting out of every day.

5) If you want extreme results, take extreme measures.  For example, Chad is up from midnight to 4 am each day just so he can communicate with his team leaders in other parts of the world.  Crazy, huh?

6) The more you give, the more you get.  And it doesn’t stop with your downline.  Chad and Nattida continuously give back to the entire MLM industry, since it’s done so much for them.

Based on their net worth, it appears to be working.  If you liked this, check out MLM multimillionaire Matt Morris next.

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