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Christian Martin Entrepreneur: Digital Nomad Secrets

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Work From Anywhere entrepreneur, Christian Martin, talks about doing just that: working wherever, whenever; overcoming obstacles; and living your best life. Which is what we’re all about as well:

“I heard a well-known guru in the marketing space claim that if you cared about your business, you wouldn’t be working on a beach somewhere, you’d be at home with your head down. What he doesn’t get is the work from anywhere way isn’t about avoiding hard work. It’s about the choice of when and where to work. If you’re anything like me, I’m guessing your desire to start a work from anywhere business isn’t about not working. It’s about freedom of choice.”

“Every day is an adventure when you take life into your own hands and become financially-free.”

“I have bad news: you won’t make every goal and you won’t win every battle. The good news is that by shooting for the goal you will be miles ahead [compared to] if you never did and if you don’t get it the first time, eventually you might. So don’t quit because you didn’t make it all the way the first time.”

“I can’t tell you the [number of] times I was so close to getting a goal but [still] failing. I was 20 lbs off my bench press goal, or a few thousand dollars off some sales goal but I was also 30 lbs above what I was able to bench the year before and have thousands of dollars that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t do a new project at all. Often you will just get close, and that’s okay. Don’t compare yourself to your goal or other people. Compare yourself to who you were before you started the goal in the first place. It’s just something to shoot for, but shoot hard, and if you don’t make it all the way to some set date or quantitative value, set a new goal. Don’t let minor failures cause you guilt and kill your progress. Working your ass off towards a goal? That’s a win in itself.”

Christian Martin Working From Anywhere

“‘You’ 10 years from now is a result of the actions you take today. Write down who you want to be in a decade, and if that’s not your to-do list for the day, you’re not going to make it. Here’s what I mean: Tony Robbins said that most of us overestimate what we can do in a year and underestimate what we can do in ten. When you start to work towards your goals, and your 10-year vision hasn’t come into fruition six months later, you might give up because you think it’s not working. The only ingredient you’re missing is time. The 10,000 hour rule is real. If you want to be a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, give in to struggling for 10 years. If you want to be a famous musician, be prepared to practice, and suck at your instrument for 10 years. If you want the body of The Rock, well get ready to lift heavy today, and every day for 10 years. Most of that 10 years of hard work, you won’t look like The Rock. The mastery we’re truly after comes in mile 25 of the marathon, it comes at the very end of a decade of struggle, and then takes off like a rocket ship. The only thing standing in between what we want and having it is being okay with the process over a long period of time. It’s taking those actions today and every day even though we won’t see results we really want for years and years. We will see improvement, but most of us want so badly to be at the top, we’ll take doing nothing over being anywhere in the middle. Success is so simple. Decide what you want in a decade and go to work on it today and never stop. Time (aka consistency over time) is the one thing most people miss. What are you going to do today that will pay off 10 years from now?”

“Slow and steady wins the race in business, health, relationships, etc. Don’t rush yourself, flow with yourself.”

“Whatever you want to do in the world, make sure you surround yourself with the right people. They will push you, support you, and critique you in the right ways that you need to grow.”

Christian Martin Entrepreneurship Quotes

“When you travel, at first you think you will be alone, but in reality, you often find a new family, all over the world.”

“Learning how to focus on action instead of talk is what separates the doers from the dreamers and the entrepreneurs from the wantrepreneurs. It’s psychologically better for you to act and feel accomplishment than to talk about the accomplishment before it happens. If you celebrate early you are telling your brain that you already did it, so the motivation to continue goes down. Save the celebrating until the act is complete. It will keep you motivated.”

“There is a big world out there. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can experience it.”

“What are you waiting for? Take the leap into entrepreneurship. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner… and spent too much time chasing wild geese instead of the one that laid the golden eggs.”

Christian Martin Girlfriend

“Proper networking is the secret sauce to any business or marketing system. Making friends in all the right places gives you insight into your industry and opens the doors to referrals as well as people you can turn to for advice or vice versa.”

“When selling any product or service, remember that you are solving a problem. There is something about their life that they want fixed. If they were going to do it themselves, they would have done it already, that’s where you come in. People don’t want to transform, they want to be transformed.”

“Discovering new oceans takes courage. You have to take the plunge to change your life. I get it. It’s scary. It was for me too, but my life has been completely transformed and there is no looking back. Worrying about financial issues is usually the number one fear that crops up. ‘If I go live my life, who will pay the bills?’ What if I told you that your orthodontist, your chiropractor, the guy that did your roof last year, and the lady who fixed your leaky sink could all pay your bills? The truth is you can pay your bills by paying their bills through getting them customers.”

WFA Accelerator Founder Christian Martin

“Your mind can make you or break you. Make sure that the story you tell yourself has a happy ending or you may end up creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. I’ve seen it countless times. People often have a mindset that frames certain subjects like money as negative so they subconsciously act in coherence with that mindset, and pass up opportunities. Take it easy on yourself, nothing is black or white. We are all going to the same destination. Just let yourself enjoy the ride.”

“Think back in time to before the internet. Most of the ways you know how to start a business are completely different. Welcome to the land of billboards and snail mail. Getting seen took a lot of effort, and targeting was limited to things like placing ads in the right magazines. In the modern age you have so much more opportunity. Everywhere you turn is a door waiting to be opened and people there to buy. There are more options but more problems and more problems mean people need more solutions. If you can find a solution to someone’s problem, you have a business.”

“Opportunity knocks all the time. Every day you are presented with opportunities and every day you probably pass up more than you know. People blame their life going wrong on a lack of opportunity when they just don’t take what is in front of them. Even if you really are lacking opportunities in your life, you can always make your own, if you know how.”

“Remember: if you are starting a business… creating value should be your first step. Whatever you are selling has to be something that someone can’t live without, or improves their lives.”

Online Sign Spinner Creator

“As a successful entrepreneur I can tell you that you have to unlearn a lot of habits you learn in school as you start your own business. There are no teachers telling you what to do; you need to learn to take risks, you need to fail (a lot), and you need to ask questions. If you find yourself asking, ‘How to be successful at business?’… look at your thought patterns and see if you are still trying to act like you are in school, worrying over every little mistake and being afraid to put yourself out there. Real life requires you to be bold, but there isn’t a cap on your success, there are no As and Bs out there. The sky is the limit to how far you want to go.”

“Here are a few rules of thumb to follow when generating leads. If you have any experience generating leads online you probably have heard the basic mediocre methods that everyone hears. The usual methods work in the beginning but if you want to know how to generate unlimited leads you should listen to someone that has experience generating leads at scale. To really get leads at a level you can scale you have to have these fundamentals down. You need to cause confusion, make them say, ‘Wait, what?!’ Throw a pattern interrupt into their lives to make them stop scrolling. You need to compete with all the babes and memes on social media. You then create a portal, a way for them to enter their email or phone number and become a lead. Now you have a way to follow up with them and know they are interested. They have a foot in the door. After they have access to the portal, make sure what they see is something new and exciting. It has to be something that will solve an important problem and change their life. People simply want transformation with as little work on their part as possible. So give it to them.”

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