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Jeff Clark Trader Net Worth And Reviews

Jeff Clark Man On Street

Jeff Clark’s got a 34-minute YouTube ad where he leaves his house with nothing but his driver’s license, phone, and TD Ameritrade card, then makes trades to pay for his Uber ride, Starbucks coffee, and so on.

It’s one of the few “make money trading” ads that didn’t have me wanting to chuck my MacBook Pro through the window. So it got me thinking.

Who is this Jeff Clark cat? Is he even real? If so, how wealthy is he? And what’s the general consensus about the Jeff Clark Trader program he’s trying to get people to buy in this ad?

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According to Jeff’s own about page—so take it with a grain of salt—he retired at age 42, after creating the curriculum for an international MBA program, founding an investor education firm, and running his own brokerage house and private money management firm in San Fran.

While in “retirement,” he began writing newsletters for Stansberry Research. More recently, his focus has been on selling subscriptions to his introductory options service, Jeff Clark Trader, as well as his advanced options service, the Delta Report.

What makes him unique, he says, is that his approach lets you make money regardless of what a stock does—whether it goes up, down, or holds steady.

Reviews of Jeff Clark Trader

Reviewing Jeff Clark

“I unfortunately got taken by this thief,” one member wrote. “I’m three months in with him and still waiting for a positive trade.”

“Overwhelming majority of his trades end up losing 100%! The only time I have had success with his trades is by do[ing] the exact opposite,” they added, saying that even a zero star rating would be too generous.

“Do not make the same mistake I made,” they warned.

Unfortunately for Jeff, the majority of the 29 reviews I read through on Truspilot echoed this complaint.

But I did find a few supporters, too. “As of this writing, they [meaning, Jeff Clark’s team] are up 65% [on their picks],” one subscriber said.

“For the price of a book, you get training and guidance on options trading. I was lucky and made a thousand dollars, in two weeks, on my first try.”

“If I keep my bets small, and wait patiently for his guidance, I expect to do okay. I would say: so far, so good,” they added.

How rich is Jeff Clark?

Option Trader Jeff Clark

Tough to know how much money Jeff Clark made before he started slinging stock secrets, but no question he’s printing money these days—as a guru.

Our admittedly rough estimate of his net worth is $8 million dollars. It’s impressive, but boy, his reputation got hit with some serious hail damage in the process.

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