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7 Inbound Closer Concerns

Inbound Closer Accelerator

After seeing the YouTube ad for Inbound Closer, and going through their funnel, I couldn’t help but be skeptical. Before I go over the questions and concerns I had, watch this:

Payton Welch Sales Mentor

1. In the YouTube ad, where Payton Welch reads from the cleverly-written script while trying to act as though he’s just naturally looking into the camera, am I to believe he was actually at whichever department store he got the infamous forty cent raise at?

The whole time I was like, “That has to be a green screen.” I mean, what are the chances no one was in the store that day, walking around in the background? And did Hank (his alleged old boss) really not care that they were there, talking trash about them while filming an infomercial for Inbound Closer?

Even if Hank was off that day, where was Karen, the manager, telling them they couldn’t film there? (There’s always a Karen waiting to f*ck sh*t up when someone’s filming something in public. Because 2020. And science.)

Chris Taylor Traffic Funnels

2. Wait, didn’t I see Payton’s big brother, Taylor Welch, along with his business partner, Chris Evans (the two dudes, pictured above, who used to sell Traffic and Funnels via Facebook ads), promoting this same thing a few months back?

If I remember correctly, they did a video explaining how they hired Payton to sell for them—which, don’t get me wrong, makes sense given the storyline throughout the YouTube ad—but I guess, why is Payton now positioned as the pitch man?

Even the emails I’ve been getting, since opting-in, are from Payton, not Taylor. Hmm. Again, not saying it’s some big conspiracy theory. Just strange, that’s all.

Maybe they’re just trying to see which character and “hook” converts the best. Who knows.

The Inbound Closer Reviews

3. How’d they even get this ad approved? It just seemed so hype-y:

“This High-Demand Skill Puts You Dead-Center In A Thriving, $129 Billion-Dollar Industry That Will Stuff Your Pockets With Daily Commission Checks…The Size of Most Two-Week Paychecks!”

Click Play Now to Watch How 1,621 People Learned The Skill That Took The Cap Off Their Earning Potential In As Little As 21 Days… By Earning These Commissions Checks Part-Time, From Anywhere in the World, Using nothing But a Phone and 6-Page PDF

“Daily commission checks the size of most two-week paychecks?” I’ve seen Google disapprove ads for saying way less than that. Crazy.

Commission Checks Phone PDF

4. So then I enter my email and check out the VSL, and it’s like, “Wait, you’ve already helped 1,621 people quit their job in as little as three weeks? Can you prove it? And they only needed a phone and six-page PDF? Whaddya, teaching people how to become a phone sex operator?”

Close Rate Inbound Closing

5. Kidding, obviously, just from the name (Inbound Closer), alone, this offer was gonna be about teaching you how to become a high ticket phone salesperson.

And to be honest, they’re not wrong. It is in demand. And you can make juicy commissions.

But to say things like it’s “virtually impossible not to replace your job by doing this part-time, during the hours you choose” or that you can expect to close “40% of your calls” using their script? Pfft. Riiight.

Sh*t, depending on the program, you could see no-shows as high as 70%! So even if you closed 100% of your calls, which won’t happen, you’d only be at a 30% close rate.

Realistically, unless you happen to get a spot on one of the very best big ticket programs out there, you’re probably lookin’ at a 12-to-15% close rate—and that’s if you’re really good. Ugh.

Then Payton gives an example where the pretend program you’re selling is $9,800. Clearly, that’s what theirs is, after you buy Inbound Closer for $97 (so they can recoup their YouTube ad costs) and get pushed to apply for their mack daddy program, BUT that’s far from the industry average.

Most high ticket programs are gonna be $2k to $5k, which makes your commission, while still decent, a helluva lot less than the $980 he gave as an example.

And again, he conveniently forgets to factor-in no-shows (which are a big f*cking deal), refunds and chargebacks—all of which will take a big bite out of your take-home. Just sayin’.

The whole “easily earn $30k per month” thing is bullsh*t. Sure, there are phone closers earning that much; probably even Payton. But easyFast? And typical? No, no and f*ck no!

6. Ah-ha! He does bring it back to big bro, Taylor, who saved him from his dead-end job and taught him this skill. So it is Taylor Welch’s program (plus or minus Chris Evans), just to clear that up.

7. Another thing they never talk about is how, oh I dunno, 90-something-percent of these coaching programs and masterminds do NOT get consistent leads.

Because sh*t’s hard and super-competitive and ad accounts go down left and right, and so, good luck even getting steady calls—again, unless you can get in with one of the top high-ticket programs there is.

Anyhoo, those were just my thoughts (um, objections?) as I went through their Inbound Closer offer.

To be clear, I have zero problem with what they’re selling; just how they’re goin’ about it. If they just dialed back the misleading marketing, it’d be money.

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