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The 1K Club Review: Is Markay’s Trading Club Worth It?

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“Stop spending hours every day looking at charts and graphs, having no idea where to invest your money,” says Markay Latimer. “I’ve done that before and it does not work.”

“But I changed what I was doing and I came up with a strategy that I’ve used to take a $2,000 account and turn it into a $2 million dollar fortune,” she continues.

And if you click the little blue button on her YouTube ad, she’ll show you how “ridiculously easy” it is to start earning at least $1,000 per month trading stocks.

I’ll review Markay’s 1K Club below, but first, you gotta see this. It’s a case study my mentor and one of his students did, not too long ago, that’ll show you how to set up simple, semi-passive income streams online.

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So what is The 1K Club? “It’s where I show regular people how to start making serious money every month starting now,” says Markay, her three kids bobbing up and down in the dirty lake water behind her.

She goes on to explain how she doesn’t have hours and hours to spend all day, geeking out over charts, only to lose money anyway.

Inside her 1K Club, she’ll teach you her fast and consistent way to make real money trading stocks, without a huge time commitment.

“And that really is what the 30-minute trading day is all about,” she says.

“And now that I’ve mastered this technique, I wanna show you how you can do the same.”

Markay Latimer’s promise to you

Markay Investing Bio

Don’t worry, she’s not gonna blow smoke and promise you you’ll be a millionaire in the next three days; just that, if you follow her blueprint, you can count on thousands of dollars in extra income every year.

What’ll you do with the extra money, Markay asks. Take the family on a vacation? Buy a new car? Put it away for the kiddos’ college fund? Hookers and blow? (Just seeing if you were still awake.) The possibilities are endless.

Take control of your time and finances once and for all, says Markay, before issuing one final prompt to click-through and get started.

But should you? Probably not. And I don’t say that because I think The 1K Club is a scam or anything like that.

In fact, it only costs $49 for the year; or a one-time fee of $297 if you go VIP, which unlocks monthly mastermind calls in addition to the core training. Plus, she’s got a generous one year money-back guarantee.

So it’s incredibly low-risk. Still. Personally? I wouldn’t bother.

How come? I don’t believe you can accomplish anything worthwhile in 30-minutes a day. Especially when statistics show that only about 1% of day traders will turn a net profit after fees.

And somehow, Mrs. Markay’s gonna help you beat those impossible odds in a lazy half-hour of trading a day? C’mon.

You’re smarter than that. Take your extra money each month and put it into a low-fee fund that mimics the S&P 500 and don’t touch it till you’re retired on a golf course.

There, that’ll be $49. You’re welcome. But in all seriousness, stop looking for hacks, secrets, and shortcuts.

Find a legitimate business you don’t hate doing, and work on it all day every day for a few years. And then, maybe, if you’re lucky, you could do a 30-minute workday once in a while and get away with it.

Cory Johnson: your momma’s neighbor’s side chick’s last Uber Eats delivery guy’s third-favorite blogger. Here’s how he makes millions of dollars blogging without being bothered.