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Clients On Demand Reviews: Jeez, Hypocrite Much?


Russ Ruffino, looking like an actor I’d hire to play a pawn shop owner, built a $50 million dollar coaching company with one 45-minute presentation. That’s right. Allegedly, they do $1 to $1.5 million dollars a month. Wanna know how? Read on.

But first, a word from our sponsor. Er, my mentor. Here he is with one of his 6,400+ students—showing off his “virtual toll booth” business model.

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“It doesn’t matter what niche or market you’re in,” Ruffino continues in his YouTube ad.

“Maybe you’re a marriage coach, a relationship coach, maybe you’re a financial advisor. Maybe you help people with their business or health or whatever it is…”

“You need to click the link under this video. Sign up to watch the presentation.”

“‘Cause it’s gonna show ya how to generate what we call ‘clients on demand,’ where you’re bringing in high-paying clients, like clockwork, every single day,” he says, at the tail-end of his YouTube ad.

Fine, I’ll bite. I click on over to Russ’s cute little squeeze page. I could do without the fake scarcity, but whatever.

COD Workshop signup page

Coaching Business 24 Hour Pass

Next, I clicked the button, entered my name and email, and got my “24 hour pass.” Which I could just get again the next time Russ and his mustache interrupt my YouTube binge.

I’m taken to another page where the video training awaits, alongside an obnoxious countdown timer. Russ says he’ll be teaching the five-steps you need to take to reach six-figure months and beyond.

Clients On Demand presentation

Clients On Demand Six Figure Months

Shift #1: operate with total integrity. Use the “strategy of preeminence.” Be the best at what you do and always do what’s best for your clients.

Also, you’re a mirror. You attract clients that are similar to you. So do the things you’d like your dream clients to do. Invest in yourself, for example.

(A convenient tip since he’s about to pitch you COD for god knows how much.)

Shift #2: command premium pricing. Understand that, what you’re selling is the value of the result that you deliver, not your time, your reputation, or even your expertise.

You sell transformation, not information. High prices reassure your clients that you’re the best of the best. They’ll take it more serious and get better results. Obviously, you’ll hit your income goals faster as well.

(I have no problem with this one.)

Shift #3: use the secret weapon—webinar marketing. (The secret is out, Russ. Webinars are older than your mama’s mama.)

You don’t need a blog, a podcast, or tons of content, rants Russ. (For the record, Clients On Demand does all three!)

Yet, Ruffino says: just run ads to a signup page, let ’em watch a webinar, and collect $10k PIFs all day.

Shift #4: leverage your time; disconnect it from your income. Group coaching. (Nothing groundbreaking.)

Shift #5: invest in a mentor. (Again, incredibly convenient.)

From there, Russ tells you to book a call to learn more.

Last I heard, Clients On Demand was at least $12k. Then, once you’re in, there’s a Millionaire Alliance upsell that’s at least $30k.

I dunno, man. I don’t like the hypocrisy. And there’s just something about Russ that annoys me.

It’s like he tries too hard. Not a single hair is out of place. Every word is pronounced perfectly (like if he said the word perfectly, he’d enunciate the sh*t outta the T).

And I’ve seen quite a few bad reviews floating around the internet. Sure, he’s got some fangirls/boys too. But when you sell the same thing for seven years, you’re bound to get a handful of impressive case studies.

Doesn’t mean ninety-something-percent of his clients are not getting clients on demand.

Which brings up my last point. This whole coaching coaches (who coach coaches) pyramid thingy is getting out of hand.

Russ can hype his one client who sells a high-ticket “how to do a handstand” program all he wants; but you know damn well the majority of COD members are not in unique niches.

They all wanna follow the big money. So they use Russ’s training to do what Russ does.

And now you have a never-ending stream of coaches who coach coaches using the same ads, landing pages, webinars, price points, and processes.

Now the space becomes saturated, annoying, and all of Russ’s students are left fighting over his scraps.

Or maybe I’ve just watched too many of these pitches and now I’m overly cynical. That could be the case too.

Either way, I’d bet big money the average person reading this will never even come close to making $100k a month selling a coaching program.

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