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Commission Hero Review, Robby Blanchard’s BS


“If you wanna learn how to make $1,000 a day, online, in 2021, then I wanna show you exactly how to do that,” begins Robby Blanchard in his latest YouTube ad. “And it has nothing to do with Amazon, nothing to do with dropshipping, or even ecommerce, guys.”

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Back to Robby: “The way you do it is by using this specific platform right here—it’s called ClickBank. In fact, I’m at the ClickBank headquarters right now. They invited me out here because I’m the top affiliate on their platform,” he says.

Then he claims he makes millions of dollars a year without having to sell his own product. I guess we’re supposed to ignore the fact that he’s literally trying to sell us his own product—his Commission Hero course—in this very ad, eh?

Also, no customer support and no email list, Robby adds. Yet when I click the little blue button to register for his free training, whaddya know, I’m asked to cough up my email.

But Robby insists all he does is partner with other people, promote their products, and watch the commissions pour in. He then takes you inside one of his ClickBank accounts and shows off weeks where he’s supposedly doing $60,000 or so, using this strategy. My question is: how do we know this is affiliate income, and not just the money he’s making selling Commission Hero (which is also sold through ClickBank)? We don’t.

Next, Robby takes us through a supercut of student success stories. Most of them are showing ClickBank earnings of a few hundred to a few thousand bucks a day. There’s no mention of how much of that is profit.

“So you can see this system really works,” Robby continues with a forced grin. “And the best part is, I really believe 2021 is gonna be an amazing opportunity, an amazing year, where more people are gonna be online—which means more opportunity for us to have success online, right?”

“Blah, blah. Click the link, register for my free training. Don’t miss out. Blah, blah. Make this your best year ever, guys,” is basically how the ad comes to an end.

Commission Hero Hype

Is Robby Blanchard a scammer?

Hmm. Maybe not a scammer, but I do think Robby Blanchard is a complete bullsh*t artist who makes all of his money selling Commission Hero. Which, oh by the way, only teaches you the most outdated, saturated, slimy way to make money online that there is.

Not only is it nearly impossible to have success promoting ClickBank products as an affiliate today, but even if you defy the odds and see a profit, will you feel good about it?

Because, let’s face it, ClickBank products are basically $350 PDF documents with rapid weight loss and get rich quick secrets. And the video sales letters that sell said products? Lies. Hype. Manipulation. Fake scarcity. Just the worst. In other words, buyer’s remorse is what you’d really be selling.

So yeah. In conclusion, Commission Hero can dere-lick my balls cap-E-tan. I’d rather eat my own teeth than see you hand your hard-earned money over to Robby Blanchard. If you are gonna do affiliate marketing, that’s fine, but please don’t sell ClickBank products. You’re better than that. Find something you believe in, that you actually use yourself, and sell that as an affiliate.

From there, learn free traffic. Whether it’s blogging, like I’m doing here. Building a big Instagram following. Whatever it is. But something to where you aren’t totally dependent on Facebook ads, which are inconsistent, getting more expensive by the day, and you never know when they’re gonna ban you without warning. That’s no way to build a business.

Better yet, do what we do. Rent little websites to brick and mortars. It’s affiliate marketing minus the cutthroat competition and rinky-dink commissions. To learn more, click the link below and read every word.

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