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Community Influencer Reviews (Aarin Chung)

Community Influencer Aarin Chung

Aarin Chung says, if you want to stay in real estate, you’re gonna need an air-tight online marketing strategy. Getting leads on the internet is no longer an optional way to supplement your face-to-face efforts; it’s a critical skillset you need to survive in a post-pandemic world.

And, if you click her YouTube ad and opt-in, she’ll show you a five-step strategy to close five or more homes per month without cold calling or door knocking. Is Aarin legit? Read on for my Community Influencer review. But first, check out what we’re doing with digital real estate:

After registering for Aarin’s webinar, minutes later it starts and she dives right in. As you can see, she makes a pretty bold claim: “how to generate your first (or next) six figures in real estate, so you can stop living from commission to commission.” Let’s see if she can back it up.

Honey Bar Media Webinar

To pull this off, Aarin says, you need to make five critical shifts. Here they are.

Shift #1: stop tricking people into transactions. Without integrity, nothing else matters. You can’t expect to put out bad vibes and get good ones back.

Shift #2: stop generating leads one at a time. One-to-one methods can’t be scaled. And if your business isn’t growing, it’s dying. Focus on methods that increase your results without requiring more time and energy.

Shift #3: use the secret weapon—a sales funnel. Example: Facebook ad to lead capture, email follow-ups, close sales, rinse and repeat.

Shift #4: stop calling your leads. Leverage “Community Influencer Marketing” instead. Stay in front of your leads via Facebook groups, Instagram, YouTube videos, etc., until they’re ready to do business with you.

Shift #5: invest in mentoring. Mentors provide ideas, accountability, and ultimately, results. Aarin Chung slyly lets you know she spends $150,000 a year on coaching, but makes that back in one months’ time.

Next, Aarin introduces The Community Influencer Academy. It’s for real estate agents who want leads on demand, to learn how to nurture relationships at scale, and make their first or next six figures.

There are six one-week video training modules. Daily group coaching calls. Swipes, scripts, templates, even a training to help you make your own website. A private Facebook group. And too many bonuses to list.

Total value? Nearly $9 Gs. But if you act now, you can get in for $997. That’s right, just one commission and your Community Influencer Academy cost is covered, and then some.

I’m being sarcastic because I could do without the fake scarcity and inflated value. But it’s a solid offer—I’ll give Aarin that.

And if you’re coachable, committed, resourceful, and decisive, she wants you to cough up that grand right now.

So much so that, she’ll give you just three days to make a decision, and then her software will block you from buying. At that point, you’ll have to get on a “waiting list” and sit on the sidelines for “up to six months.”

Do I believe, should that happen, Aarin won’t immediately email you and let you in? No. I do not. I also don’t believe she’d be running YouTube ads as hard as she is if they truly block you after the countdown timer hits zero.

And while I appreciated her keeping the webinar punchy, I didn’t hear or see any actual evidence of Aarin or her current members putting any of this into practice. Like, could a guy see an ad or something? Just to build my belief?

Personally, if I were a real estate agent, I’d rather invest in a mentor like Greg Luther, who gave way more actionable content in his coaching pitch.

Or, better yet, just rent digital properties online like we do. Simple, scalable, enjoyable. Here, I’ll prove it:

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