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Chat Crew Review (Brian Willie, Tim Stremos)

Maps Liftoff Facebook Ad

Maps Liftoff founder Brian Willie and agency owner Tim Stremos will show you how to skip leads and get booked appointments. This, according to their latest Facebook ad.

Are they trustworthy? Read on for my Chat Crew review. But first, you might enjoy this case study on setting up “virtual toll booths.” Here’s what I mean:

Sweet. So after clicking on Brian and Tim’s ad, I was taken to a sad-looking squeeze page:

Brian Willie Tim Stremos Google Maps

I opted-in and got the following email from Brian Willie:


[TRAINING STARTING NOW] Booked Appointments For Local




Hi there,

Tim and I are looking forward to having you watch our case study training!

“How We Quietly Generated 8,092 Booked Appointments (Not Leads) For Our Local Clients In 3 Months Alone…PLUS Profited Nearly A Hundred K All While Using Our Clients Money Up Front.”

Watch This Limited Time Training Here <<<

During this event, you’ll learn how my business partner Tim and I were able to generate over 8000 booked appointments (not just leads but actual booked appointments) for our local clients in 3 months alone and profit over Thirty K a month (after taxes) using our clients money up front.

Plus thousands more appointments this year.

We just locked down a $300M mortgage company as our client using exactly what you’ll learn in this training.

This works for literally every niche we have tried-not just generating the appointments, but our ability to get high paying clients at will.

  • HVAC
  • Solar
  • Realtors
  • Mortgage Brokers/Lenders
  • Lawyers

The list goes on and on.

Training Details:

Starting Now.

Watch This Limited Time Training Here <<<

Brian Willie
Maps Liftoff

P.S. If you want to learn step-by-step how to bypass everything you’ve learned and have actual booked appointments (not just leads) for your local clients coming in sometimes within an hour, you won’t want to miss this a minute of this training.

2441 Tech Center Ct
Las Vegas, NV 89128

After clicking the link in the email, I was taken to the video training as promised.

Maps Liftoff CC Webinar

Chat Crew (via Maps Liftoff) Reviews

I press play and Brian dives right in, explaining how, as of today, he’s switched his focus and only sells two things: near-instant leads and Google Maps rankings. Reason being, clients don’t wanna wait around for months and months for SEO to kick in.

Eventually, Brian meets Tim Stremos, who was using Facebook click-to-messenger ads (plus chatbot automation) to generate inbound sales calls for his clients. His clients, in turn, were happy to cover the entire ad spend plus pay Tim a retainer. So it was risk-free and quite profitable for Tim.

Supposedly, in just an hour or so a day, this system makes him about $45,000 per month in pure profit. And here’s how it all plays out:

Messenger Chatbots Tim

So the local business owner gets sent the prospect’s info on a Google Sheet, automatically (and instantly) after the paid Facebook funnel does its thing.

Still. Why chatbots, right? According to Tim, the benefits are undeniable:

  • Simple to build, once you know how.
  • No website or landing page needed.
  • No social media posting required.
  • No logos to design.
  • You don’t have to use apps like ClickFunnels.
  • Plus, Messenger pre-populates their info (making it easy on them, and accurate for the local biz owner).

One nugget that Tim gives—and you’d have to have experience running Facebook ads to appreciate it—is that their best results were achieved by doing less, not more.

Meaning, ads with only a few lines of text; and targeting where you literally just select a city and that’s it. Basically, leave it wide open and let Facebook figure it out.

Now. To land paying clients, Brian and Tim deliver results in advance. They’ll set the system up for a niche and city they’d like to get into, generate 5-10 qualified calls, and pass ’em on to a business they’d like to partner with.

Ideally, that business closes a deal or two, says, “Keep ’em comin’!” and you say, “Gladly, for $1,500 a month.” (Or whatever it is.)

The main drawback to this model is that, in order to get those 5-10 qualified calls for them to sample, you’ll need to come outta pocket yourself.

And if the first business isn’t impressed, you’ll have to keep going again and again, till someone says yes. But hey, whaddya gonna do? Sometimes ya gotta risk it to get the biscuit, right?

I think it’s also a little more “techie” than they make it sound. But overall, seems like a legit service you could offer to small businesses.

Still got questions? No problem. Maybe this second email Brian sent after I completed the webinar will clear things up:


Frequently asked croissants




Hey there.

You’ve probably got questions.

First one being…

Who are you again?

Brian Willie and Tim Stremos.

Local marketer supporting, get ya out of the trenches client getters and founders of the one thing that sells like hotcakes in local…

….actual booked appointments.

Yep not leads, booked appointments.

You watched our video. At least I hope you did! 🙂

And whaddya do again?

We set up systems to generate thousands of booked appointments for our local clients…

…and then sell them for $60-80 each. Sometimes $125-150 each.

Our cost?

On average $25.

Sometimes as little as $2!

And best part?

We get paid hefty retainers up front so our clients pay for our ad spend.

We never risk our own money on their ads.

Because..well that would be silly.

We have some clients who want 120 booked appointments PER week.

Crazy right?

That’s worth an average of $3600 a week in profit.

This is for you if:

-You have trouble getting clients to say yes (hint this gets them drooling and actually chasing after you)

-You are tired of slogging it out with SEO

-You’ve tried traditional paid ads and couldn’t deliver results

Head on back and book a call with our team to see if this is a good fit for you.

No obligation. Just a short conversation to see if we can help you.


Brian  Willie and Tim Stremos

P.S. Haven’t Watched The Training That Breaks It All Down Yet? No worries, you can watch it here.

Maps Liftoff
2441 Tech Center Ct
Las Vegas NV 89128

*They mean, once you get a paying client, the client will pay for ads. But not until. Also, they never answered the question: how much does Chat Crew cost? You’ll have to book a call to find out, but my guess is at least $5,000.

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