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Dana White Net Worth

Dana White Wealth

Dana White net worth: Dana White is the president of the UFC and has an approximate net worth of $383 million dollars.

As a youngster, Dana ditched his hotel valet job to get into the fight business.  He’d been boxing, reffing fights, and managing gyms since he was a teenager, so the move made sense.  White’s first foray was managing mixed martial arts competitors Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz – both would go on to become superstars and make millions, despite being broke and obscure when White started representing them.

In 2001, Dana and his high school buddies – brothers Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, who were already crushing it with casinos – took a chance and purchased the almost-bankrupt Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) for a piddly $2 million dollars.

White, serving as the passionate, potty mouth president of the UFC, would be instrumental in taking the organization from freak show to family-friendly sport.

And as the masses slowly but surely embraced the idea of two men (and now, women) pummeling each other inside of an octagon formed by a frigging fence?  The UFC’s value skyrocketed.  So much so that in 2016, the Fertittas decided to cash out, selling the UFC to a talent agency for a cool $4 billion.

That transaction put about $360 million on Dana’s 2016 tax return.  Even better, White got to keep his position under the new owner, and still earns a big fat salary (rumored to be $15 to $20 million per year) doing what he loves – being the face and promoter of MMA’s elite league.

Dana White’s wealth reminds us of common themes we see with so many high-net-worth individuals: a willingness to take risks; recruiting other top talent and selling them on your vision; dogged determination; indifference to criticism; playing the long game; why ownership is so important; and how being yourself is one helluva multiplier.

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