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Danielle Leslie Course Alchemy Review

Danielle Leslie Million Dollar Course Class

Danielle Leslie, in the neon yellow bikini you can’t unsee, will reveal how she grew her online course to $1 million in two years, and then to $10 million in under four years, from scratch, with no existing brand, following or funding. I’ll go through her funnel and drop my Course Alchemy review below. But first, perhaps simpler than creating and selling your own course (and just as scalable) is our “virtual rental business.” Check it out:

Alright, so first, a little background on Danielle Leslie. In 2012 she launched her first course—called Course From Scratch—while working at Udemy. That flagship program has helped more than 5,000 people to create their own course, spanning hundreds of niches. AfroTech dubbed her a course-creating “unicorn.”

Danielle Leslie Udemy Online Courses

And by signing up for her million dollar course workshop replay, she’ll show you how she makes the big bucks. Plus:

  • How to go from “point of sale” to “point of scale!”
  • The ins and outs of a scalable offer.
  • How her original course “sells and serves” on autopilot.
  • In fact, Danielle says all she does is show up live for one hour a month!
  • See the exact tool she uses to create predictable sales.
  • How she attracted mastermind groups with industry movers and shakers that helped her to level-up from six-figures to seven-figures, and then to eight-figures in just 24 months.
  • And the exact steps you and I would need to take to model her success.

I’m gonna enter my email now and see if this replay lives up to the hype.

Course Alchemy Million Dollar Course Workshop

Upon doing so, Danielle immediately hit me with an unexpected low-ticket offer: for $27, I can download her exact 7-figure webinar funnel she used to generate her first million bucks from her first-ever course. I’m told if I leave the page without purchasing, the cheapest I could ever get it going forward is $97. Honestly, it’s a fair offer, but I’m not a fan of the pump fake. “Sign up for this free replay.” *Enters email. “Gotcha, b*tch! Buy my sh*t first.” That’s what it feels like anyway. Ugh. I’ll pass.

Danielle Leslie 7 Figure Webinar Funnel Offer

So after I respectfully decline the surprise offer, I’m finally redirected to the replay I was promised. Danielle also sent me the following email… which links to the replay as well:


Your 7 Figure Workshop Replay




On Saturday, I did my BIGGEST Masterclass ever…The Million Dollar Course Workshop.

It was the first time I’d ever taught that training. EVER. My World Premiere 🙂

… and at the end of it, I got emotional when nearly 600 people booked calls to get enrolled in my new program for advanced entrepreneurs, Course Alchemy.

Here’s a link to watch the replay. 🙂 Get your notebook ready, strap in, and let’s GO! 🤯

You’ll get to hear the story of how I was able to grow my business from 0-$2M in 2 years, and then go on to hit $10M in 4 years… all with just ONE online course.

I’m sharing the 3 biggest pieces of the puzzle that catapulted me into that 8-figure life… and I’m giving you the framework so you can do it, too. (I love a good framework…)

During this workshop, I…

  • Shared the tools & strategies I developed to generate that up & to the right growth in my business—along with the biggest challenges I faced, and how I overcame them.
  • Showed you how I scaled as a business minimalist—with just one course, one webinar, and one funnel. And without a pre-existing audience, brand, or online presence. (I’ll be showing you how you can do this too!)
  • Told the story of how I had to become the next-level version of myself so I could be the person I needed to be to own 8-figure impact and realize my potential.
  • Unveiled my new program, Course Alchemy—an advanced program for entrepreneurs who are ready to scale to 6 and 7-figures using my proven strategies.

Catch the replay here.

**FYI, if you’re interested in Course Alchemy but you haven’t seen the Masterclass yet, you need to watch it before you take the next step. 🙂

See you soon!

Much love,


Danielle Leslie
Creator of Course From Scratch

Course From Scratch
344 Thomas L Berkeley Way Ste. 340
Oakland, CA 94612, United States

Here’s what the replay/pitch page looks like:

Replay CourseAlchemy

The first 13-minutes of the video are Danielle shouting out the names of those who attended live and let me just say, this girl talks fast and she’s the female Flava Flav. Straight hype machine. (“I see you! Let’s goooo!”) On one hand, I’m seeing how she’s so successful: pretty, charismatic, looks the part (who wouldn’t wanna look and live like her?).

But on the the other hand, wow, she’s annoying AF. I’m wondering how I’m gonna make it through the nearly-two-hour replay. (*Cracks Diet Rockstar.)

Next, Danielle peppers us with social proof. “Courses From Scratch made me a millionaire, then all these students who bought it became millionaires too.”

We’re 33-minutes in and she’s still hyping up the original headline (I’m gonna show ya “How I grew my online course to $1 million in 2 years… and then to $10 million in under 4 years”) and not-so-humble-bragging the same points over and over (“I’ve helped over 5,000 people from all over the world”) while shouting more Danielle-isms (“Ayyy!”) and dropping hashtags like it’s her job (#WhatCeiling?).

Also, as she repeats her impressive income results ad nauseam, it’s important to understand, she never says how much of that collective $11 million in course sales is actually profit. She’s got a team (coaches who do most of her live calls, support staff, graphic designer, etc.), software and tools, hosting, certainly some refunds and chargebacks, then 3% or so goes to her payment processor, and who knows how much she spent marketing her course with paid ads. Which is easily her largest expense.

Not being a hater. Just sayin’, her net could be half that. Even one-third of that. Still great, don’t get me wrong. But, as a comparison, my best MONTHS online, I pocketed a little over $400,000 (net) on $1.2 million of revenue (gross). So exactly 33%. Just FYI. (Then, of course, Uncle Sam, that f*cking d*ck, takes about 40% of what’s left.)

The big takeaway, at minute 55, is that, “if you pay money, you pay attention.” That “gem” was backed by her personal story of dropping beaucoup bucks on high-level masterminds. Because, hashtag alert, #ProximityIsPower.

And while she’s right, I can’t help but think this is her way of buttering us up to pull out our credit cards and book a “Chemistry Call” to be phone-closed on her multi-thousand-dollar Course Alchemy coaching program. Hey, it’s good marketing though.

That wraps up the first hour of the replay. And then the next 42-minutes… is all pitch. Danielle just goes on and on (and on!) about Course Alchemy.

Overall, pretty damn disappointing. Her Facebook ad and squeeze page promised amazing value, then I opted in and got hit with a one-time offer, and a “video training” that was really one obnoxious pitch that didn’t reveal sh*t about how she actually made millions from one course.

Like, she could’ve shown us her sales page for the course. She could’ve covered like, oh I dunno, the most important thing: how she got traffic to it. Where’d she run ads? What did those ads look like? Show us the funnel. The follow-ups. Key takeaways of the sales sequence. Did she have an up-sell? If so, what were the stats on that? And again, those numbers are so misleading. IDGAF about gross; I wanna know what Danielle netted from that one course.

How much does Course Alchemy cost? She doesn’t say. You’ll have to book a call to find out. Danielle does admit there’s different levels, and wants you to be prepared to “pay in full” and “go platinum.” Based on her story of investing huge amounts of money on her own coaching, I’m guessing, you’re looking at $10,000 or so to unlock all the extras and add-ons.

Keep in mind, Danielle never addresses how ungodly saturated the course-selling space is. Or how ad costs are constantly on the rise. Or how complicated it is to get your own merchant account so you can accept payments. And you’ll probably need a lawyer to draw up your terms and conditions and so on. And what are you even qualified to teach? And do you even wanna be in the public eye? Or would you rather be behind-the-scenes, like I’m doing here?

There’s a lot of downsides to think about. It’s not as easy as Danielle Leslie wants you to believe. And look, I know this review was cynical AF. I’m actually surprised that’s how it went; I didn’t expect that going in. In a weird way, I think I felt compelled to go harder on her, doing my best to play devil’s advocate, because she is so smooth.

Bottom line, I’d pass on Course Alchemy. There are much simpler ways to make semi-automated income online. And let’s be honest, all this talk of making millions—and this is coming from a dude whose entire site is about studying and reviewing millionaires—it ain’t reality.

The truth is, yes, results like mine or Danielle’s are possible; but the majority of people should worry about making their first, say, $5k per month. Something attainable. Baby steps. To make a whole pitch about how to generate millions with a single course, I mean, c’mon. How ’bout making a single sale? Let’s start there.

So on that note, if you wanna come back down to earth and get real for a second; and see a laptop business with no hype, no bragging, no wasting your time telling you how great we are, no unrealistic income claims; and actually get the steps (the sh*t Danielle conveniently left out) involved to be successful, peep this:

Cory Johnson: your momma’s neighbor’s side chick’s last Uber Eats delivery guy’s third-favorite blogger. Here’s how he makes millions of dollars blogging without being bothered.