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Kevin David Net Worth

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Kevin David net worth: Kevin David is an e-commerce coach with an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars.

David grew up in Eugene, Oregon.  He was passionate about two things: soccer and money.  Soccer taught him how to compete, work hard, and win; and he used those skills to sell whatever he could get his hands on, from candy bars to baseball cards.

Kevin David Entrepreneur

As he got older, Kevin got online.  He blogged.  He created gaming apps.  But nothing really popped off.

So, next up, Oregon State.  David graduated top-of-class, then took a job as an accountant.  Respectable.  But.  He wasn’t about that 80-hours-a-week-work-life… just to make someone else rich.

Kevin David Podcast

Onto – wait for it – Facebook(!) where KD worked as a privacy consultant.  Cool story.  Awesome perks.  Better schedule.  But still.  Entrepreneurship was calling, probably on an iPhone 5 (give or take).

That’s when David got back online and began looking for business ideas.  Amazon FBA, meet Kevin David; Kevin David, meet Amazon FBA.  (How you doin’?)  Thirty days later, his first physical product was sellin’ on Amazon.  Soon after, he’d scaled to six figures.

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And then, after that?  Influencer.  Duh.  David packaged up his process, and began teaching others.  Courses.  Coaching.  Masterminds.  Speaking.  The yoozh.

And now he tells the dealer, “Keep the top ’cause I don’t want it.”  So yeah.  If lifestyle marketing’s your bag, follow this man on The Gram.

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