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DDG Net Worth

DDG Crowd Gathered

DDG net worth: Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr., aka DDG (or PontiacMadeDDG), is a rapper and YouTube influencer with a net worth of $1.6 million dollars.  Here are the highlights of his fascinating story.

DDG Detroit Pistons

1. DDG’s birthday is October 10, 1997.  He was born and raised in Pontiac, Michigan, about a half hour outside of Detroit.  Although his parents split up when he was young, they were both actively involved in his upbringing.  He had four siblings, one of which—an older brother—was murdered at the age of 21.  Despite this tragedy, DDG graduated valedictorian of his high school class.

PontiacMadeDDG Watch

2. After high school, DDG enrolled at Central Michigan University.  However, he was more interested in girls and partying than continuing his straight-A streak.  And when he wasn’t doing that, he was working on growing his YouTube channel—which he had started in high school—where he would upload “cringey skits” and later, vlogs.  Soon, he was making $30,000 a month off of ad revenue and decided to quit college and move to LA.

DDG Colorful Wall

3. Problem was, not long after moving, his YouTube income fell off a cliff—for no apparent reason.  To try and get it back to where it was, DDG made more channels and cranked out as many as three new videos a day.  But it was still up and down.  He knew he needed to diversify.  And since he and his brother had always been into freestyling, music was the obvious next move.  So he began making diss tracks.  One was aimed at Lil Yachty, who DDG had nothing against.  In fact, DDG said it was strictly a “business move.”  And it paid off.  More than ten million listens and countless fire emojis later, he knew he was onto something.

DDG Rainbow Hallway

4. In an attempt to shed his “oh he’s just a corny YouTuber like Jake Paul” label and be taken serious as an artist, he did a feature with Famous Dex.  The song was called “Lettuce.”  DDG uploaded it to his main YouTube channel, and the video got half a million views in one hour.  Seeing that, WorldstarHipHop reached out and asked DDG to promote the video exclusively through their website.  He agreed.  Next thing ya know, DDG was signing a contract with Epic Records.  The deal was structured so that DDG would own all of his “masters.”  This gives him more control and likely more profitability long-term.  Roddy Ricch did the same thing.

DDG Relaxing

5. DDG considers Drake his only musical influence.  He admires Drake’s versatility—how he can make all different types of songs and appeal to such a wide audience.  When DDG goes to the studio, he makes music like so: he’ll usually mix a little Hennessy with lemonade, just to loosen up, and start writing to a beat that’s playing in the background.  Once he’s “got something,” he’ll turn off the beat, finish writing the lyrics, then step into the booth to record.  From beginning to end, it’s usually about a 30-minute process.

DDG Horse Riding

6. DDG treated himself to a watch, a chain, a BMW i8, a G-Wagen, and a nice penthouse when the money really started rolling in.  He also jokes that he “thought he was an investor for a minute” and lost $40,000 on bitcoin.  He’s now trying to be smarter with his money.

DDG MTV Backstage

7. DDG says the biggest misconception about him is that he’s an asshole.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth, he says.  He believes he’s one of the most humble people you could ever meet, and says he’s always willing to take the time to help someone else out.

DDG Palm Trees

8. DDG takes his impact seriously.  When creating content, he’s careful not to glorify bad behavior.  Other than trying weed a couple times and using alcohol in moderation, he doesn’t do any other drugs.  He sometimes spends hours a day reading and replying to comments and DMs.  He treats his supporters like they’re his kids.  He wants the best for them.

DDG Supercars

9. In 2019, DDG launched Zooted Entertainment.  They sign musical artists and YouTube talent, and leverage DDG’s already-established channels to promote them.

DDG Girlfriend

10. DDG says there are two reasons he’s been so successful at such a young age.  One is consistency.  And two, is that he believes in himself.  So much so, that, five years from now, he predicts he’ll be the biggest artist in the world.

DDG Cali Sunset

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