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Make Mortality Real

Skulls Death

Just the tip: quantify death.  Put a number to it – so it’s real.

Cuz reminding yourself that “you only live once” isn’t powerful enough.  You’ve heard it too many times.  Too generic.  Plus, there’s no urgency to it.  You think, “Well, no sh*t.  But not for a long, long time.”  And so you carry on, uninspired.  No bueno.

What I like to do?  To use the f*cked up fact that I’mma die one day… as a motivator… to up my awesome… is face it head-on.

Check it out:

They say we’ve got about 79 years on this planet.  That’s roughly 29,000 days.  Cool.  Say you’re 45.  You’ve already burned through 16,000 of ’em.  (I’m rounding.  Relax.)

That leaves you 13,000 days is all.

Scared yet?

Oh we’re just gettin’ started.  Reduce that to weekends: 1,768.

Summers: 34.

Workaholic?  Too busy to travel?  Average one vacation every other year?  Enjoy ’em: 17 left.

That loved one you only see once every three years?  Hey, make it count: 11 interactions to go!

Want me to keep goin’?  No?  Feeling sick to your stomach?

I don’t blame you.  It’s a shock to the system at first.  But then you get used to it.  Then you realize that retiring to a cool, dark room and cryin’ about it ain’t gonna change anything.  In fact?  Moping around is the worst thing you could do – given this new awareness – right?

So f*ck that sh*t.  Let this be fuel.  Live life on fire.  Deal?

Cory Johnson: your momma’s neighbor’s side chick’s last Uber Eats delivery guy’s third-favorite blogger. Here’s how he makes millions of dollars blogging without being bothered.