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Vince Del Monte Net Worth

Vince DelMonte IncomeVince Del Monte net worth: Vince Del Monte is a fitness entrepreneur and online business coach with an approximate net worth of $7 million dollars.

It all started after college, when “Skinny Vinny” decided his sad, scrawny, wimpy long distance runner’s body had to go.

So Vince found a muscle mentor, did everything he said, and basically told his bad genetics to dere-lick his balls.  Months later, he’d added 41 pounds of skirt-lifting steel.

Sir Swole then created an e-book called No-Nonsense Muscle Building to help other hardgainers follow suit.  Over time, Vince added bonuses like meal plans, a metabolic growth calculator, audios, and upgraded support.

He also put the program on ClickBank, allowing affiliates to promote it for a commission.  They did.  It quickly became a bestseller, attracting even more affiliates.  Then joint ventures.  Craig Ballantyne, Joel Marion, and other top fitness figures took turns promoting Vince’s NNMB to their lists as well.

Before long, Del Monte was makin’ mid-six-figures.  But he didn’t sit still.

Vince kept raising the bar(bell) on both body and biz.  He became a fitness model.  Competed on stage.  And documented each day by blogging, uploading YouTube videos, and posting to Facebook.

His following grew.  His marketing improved.  He toyed with other revenue streams.  Events, meetups, speaking, swag, complimentary courses, continuity programs, the yoozh.

But No-Nonsense Muscle Building remained his bread and butter chicken and broccoli.  To date, it’s sold nearly 90,000 copies.

Recently, however, DelMonte announced he was “quitting the fitness industry.”  While his blockbuster how-to-build-muscle book will still be available to purchase, Vince admitted there’s nothing left to say.  When it comes to liftin’ and livin’ large, Del Monte’s decade-plus in the industry easily covered it all.

Personally?  I think he was over it.  And now he can go full dad bod without a buncha bro-it-alls roasting him on Instagram.  As someone who’s now married with three kids, I think he’s earned that right.

Plus, I’m sure he can charge more for business masterminds than bicep workouts, ya know?  Income-wise, today, he’s makin’ more than ever.  And I expect that upward trend to continue.

Well done, Del Monte.

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