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Digital Detox

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Right now?  In a single day?  We see more suffering than we would’ve – in our entire life – had we been born 20 years earlier.

Not only that, we can’t focus.  Can’t get anything done.  It’s hard to relax.  To disconnect.

And with the media ramrodding negativity down our throats?  And urrbody on Insta… apparently prettier, richer and happier than us?  And Chad, posted up outside Burger King, using their WiFi to talk sh*t below a Tai Lopez video?  And conspiracy theories?  And clickbait?  And political correctness?  And porn addiction?  Well…

Some days just suck.  Don’t they?

So it’s no wonder you escape each night, elbow-deep in Hot Cheetos, binge-watching Netflix.  Amiright?  (You know I am.)

So whaddya do about it?  Detox, dawg.

Close the laptop.  Shut off the phone.  Turn off the TV.

And have a conversation instead.  Or grab a book.  Or go outside.  Work out.  Write.  Nap.  Think.

Whatever you wanna do.  However you wanna do it.

Maybe it’s just for the first hour after you wake up.  Maybe it’s one full day a week – perhaps Sunday.

Look, I’m no expert.  And I’m not preachin’ here.  This message is as much a reminder to me, as it is advice to you.

But… my two cents?  Is this: use technology to make money, not misery.  Get in, get out.

*Said the tired hooker.

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