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Digital Real Estate University Review (BAM University)

BAM University Founder Joshua T

Joshua Osborne is all business announcing his new course.

Digital Real Estate University (aka BAM University) is a mentoring program by Joshua T. Osborne designed to help students launch their own digital marketing agency. This, per a recent press release his company, Bad Ass Marketers, put out. Read my review below to see if it’s legit. Better yet, watch this case study with Josh’s mentor and learn from the guy who created this whole “rent digital assets” movement:

Digital Real Estate University Review

Here’s what you need to know. Also called BAM University, it’s a 250 video course that teaches students how to start and grow their own lead generation business. Joshua Osborne, the internet marketer based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado, says he built this virtual university so that members could learn the skills to impress and win the trust of small businesses and serve their digital marketing needs.

As members make their way through the training, they’ll also be taught outsourcing and how to run a remote team, so that their new income streams will be mostly-passive.

Each lesson inside of Osborne’s Digital Real Estate University will have actionable steps that you’ll need to take to move your business forward. Enrollees will have unlimited online access, which they can log in to from any computer, tablet or mobile device. Per the press release, they’ll also get access to Josh and his internal team of digital marketing pros, which probably means you get to join his private Facebook group plus the option to hop on a couple of live Q&A calls each week. There’s also specialty training on how to land local business owners in a post-pandemic world.

Now, if you watched the video at the top, you already know the process works. Renting digital assets is not only doable for the average person, but it’s one of the only business models that’s still wide-open. The real question is whether or not you wanna learn from Joshua Osborne. In sifting through some of his Digital Real Estate University reviews, I came across these cingey videos:

Grant Cardone Joshua Osborne Testimonial

Uncle G gives a shoutout to Joshua Osborne.

Kevin O'Leary Testimony Joshua T Osborne

Kevin O’Leary says digital real estate is where it’s at.

Not the shadiest thing I’ve seen in this industry, but based purely on the awkwardness of these videos, you had to know something was fishy. And if you do a search for “Grant Cardone shoutout” and “Kevin O’Leary shoutout,” it’ll all make sense.

Uncle G Paid Shoutout

You, too, could have a clumsy “testimony” from the internet’s richest uncle… for a one-time fee of $500!

Grant Cardone Custom Message Terms

Notice Grant’s shoutout for BAM University was exactly 30 seconds.

Mr Wonderful Cameo BAM University

And Mr. Wonderful got $1,200 smackers for that lil’ Joshua jingle.

Alls I’m sayin’ is, A) I would never do that because, in my mind, nobody would believe it was genuine; but B) if you are ordering shoutouts, you should probably announce that you paid for it… if you really wanna be transparent with your audience.

That, and the fact that he’s basically repackaging what he learned from this guy are the only real chinks I found in Osborne’s armor. The Digital Real Estate cost is yet to be determined. Should you join? That’s your call.

Cory Johnson: CEO of a business he has yet to launch. As seen on your mom’s phone. Scaled to 7-figures in seven seconds selling a course on selling courses. Kidding. Watch this.