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Ryan DiGregorio Reviews (Real Estate Investing VAs)

Ryan DiGregorio REI Consulting Agency

Ryan DiGregorio has a free online training for real estate investors who’re interested in outsourcing appointment setting to cheap VAs. This, per his latest Facebook ad.

Is his training any good? And what’s the catch? Read on for my full review. First, though, check out what we’re doing with digital real estate.

The new real estate play

Okay, after clicking on Ryan DiGregorio’s ad, I’m taken to a simple opt-in page. Upon signing up, I’m told I’ll discover:

  1. How Ryan delegates up to 80% of his daily work, and how to follow suit.
  2. What elite real estate investors know that you don’t, that helps ’em land 2-3 big money deals every single month.
  3. How to find a virtual assistant you can trust, that speaks good English, and packs your calendar each week.
Real Estate Investor Outsourcing Ryan

Post opt-in, I’m redirected to a private page where Ryan’s training video was waiting for me. Let’s see if it’s any good, shall we?

Ryan Appointment Setting VAs

I press play and Ryan begins by describing exactly who this is for: REIs who want help scheduling appointments with motivated sellers; making and answering calls, emails and text messages; and possibly even assistance with their website and social media presence.

Next, Ryan gives a brief bio: born with one kidney; played college football; loves to ski and travel; has successfully grown and scaled multiple businesses (in the real estate investing space) with the help of VAs.

After struggling to help his dad grow their family business, Ryan eventually hired a $4 an hour VA outta the Philippines and turned things around. Now, he helps other business owners do the same.

Ryan DiGregorio’s outsourcing overview

There are three important steps:

  1. Find an exceptional top 1% talent virtual assistant.
  2. Train ’em on client acquisition, appointment setting, and other revenue-generating tasks.
  3. Create a simple system for automating this and tracking the results.

And don’t worry, Ryan says, there are plenty of VAs in the Philippines who speak great English. And $4/hr is an average income over there, so it’s not like you’re screwing them over.

Offer time: Ryan’s looking to work with seven real estate investors over the next 45 days to automate their client acquisition and appointment setting.

Why seven? Because that’s about as many as he can handle without going certifiably insane, he says half-joking.

Reviewing what all you get

The deliverables are as follows:

  1. A virtual assistant screened, hired, and trained by Ryan’s team so that all appointments are booked on your behalf.
  2. A dedicated account manager to support your VA on an ongoing basis in case they have any questions about how to effectively do their job.
  3. An onboarding call with Ryan to map out your next 90 days and make sure you’re poised for success.
  4. Access to video content that contains everything you need to know in order to work (and succeed) with a virtual assistant.

Ryan’s got some decent testimonials. And a solid guarantee, too. If you don’t make your initial investment back within six months, he’ll refund every penny and you get to keep all the training materials.

No mention of what it costs. You’d have to book a call with his team to find out. I’m guessing it’s pretty pricey, but I dig the offer and he’s made it risk-free… so it might be worth checking out if you’re in need of a VA.

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