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Mike Dillard Net Worth

Mike Dillard

Mike Dillard net worth: Mike Dillard is an online marketer and entrepreneur with a net worth of approximately $20 million.

In his 20s, Dillard made millions in network marketing.  After building big teams of his own, he monetized the how-to with info products like Magnetic Sponsoring — which has now sold more than 200,000 copies.

But he admits pissing most of that away on toys and traveling.

Bored with MLM and disgusted by his anti-wealth lifestyle, he then launched a financial education company called The Elevation Group.  Here, members paid for Dillard’s private interviews with high net worth individuals, who shared their investments.  It was a gravy train on biscuit wheels, grossing over $10 million in the first year.  But trouble was ahead.  Unbeknownst to Dillard, one of the guys he interviewed (then invested with), was a total fraud.  This news, of course, crippled the company.

Add to that a divorce and a business partner battling leukemia, and Dillard was now at rock bottom.  Not for long though.

A Tony Robbins event kickstarted his comeback.  Shortly after attending, Dillard dove head-first into a newer, nobler mission: to decentralize the farming industry, and allow people to make produce right from their own kitchens.  Which’d cut down on water waste and poisonous pesticides, not to mention, slash what it costs to eat healthy, fresh, organic greens.

Two years later, EverGrow, the world’s first fully-automated hydroponic system for food production… is actually a thing.  Well, it was.  Until another company called Click & Grow came out with a much cheaper alternative.  Forced to decide between pouring more money into an inferior product or cut losses, Dillard chose the latter.  In fact, he ended up investing in their company and will lend a much-needed hand with marketing.

Now.  To fund this behemoth vision, in the background, Dillard had created Self-Made Man, a brand that helps entrepreneurs succeed in business and in life.  And why not?  It’s what he does best: use the internet to scale simple, low overhead lifestyle businesses.  Where, through a free (a-ma-zing) podcast, Dillard enlightens and entertains millions of marketers who then get sold digital training programs like List-Grow — a click-by-click course that teaches others how to build big-ass email lists from scratch.

Last I heard, Dillard was netting around $150,000 per month from Self-Made Man.  Before pulling the plug on EverGrow, most of that was being dumped back into research and development.  Now, I expect he’ll double down on the SMM movement and look for other investments that’ll put all that profit to work.

I usually do a few takeaways from each of these net worth write ups, but Mike Dillard’s story, on its own, is littered with lessons: lessons like surviving ups and downs, turning personal quests into lucrative businesses, using the internet to self-fund other ventures, even a reminder of the risk you take when you step outside of your business sweet spot.

What a ride he’s been on.  What I love about Dillard is how open he’s been with everything, especially when things don’t go according to plan.

Well, anyways.

Mike’s the man.  If you’re not listening to his podcast regularly, you’re missing out.

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