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Dino Gomez Coaching Launch Review

DinoGomez.com Client Attraction

Dino Gomez, creator of Funnel Consultant Society, now has a free eBook with “client attraction secrets for online coaches.” This, according to his latest Facebook ad.

Is it any good? Find out below, when I drop my Coaching Launch review. But first, take a look at what my mentor taught me to do with internet rental properties:

Okay, so after clicking on Dino’s ad, I was taken to a page that looked like this:

21 Day Coaching Challenge

I entered my email and was redirected to another page, where the eBook and other goodies were waiting for me:

Coaching Launch Giveaway

I like that he overdelivered. Dino actually gave more than what his funnel promised. Also, smart move to try and get people to follow him on social media right off the bat. Since most emails these days never even make it to the inbox, now Dino’s got more ways to stay in front of people.

In terms of the actual eBook, it’s actually nicely done. Each day for three straight weeks, Gomez gives you a specific type of content to post to Facebook. He provides the outline, sample first sentences, pro tips—and, best of all, an actual example of a post he did that follows that format.

Dino Gomez 7 Figure Visionary Mastermind

It’s cool to see it working in real-life, with reactions and comments and all.

The only thing I wonder is, are coaches gonna read that much text? (It’s a long read!) I’m sure some will. But I think a video version of the eBook would cover all bases.

Towards the end, Dino transitions into a soft-sell for his new coaching program. If you’re an online coach, or you’d like to be, and you want Dino’s help “finding an extra $20k to $40k sitting in your business,” he invites you to schedule a 30-minute “cash injection call.”

Or you can visit CoachingLaunch.com. There, Dino’s got a sales page for his Facebook Group Profits Mastermind. It’s for digital entrepreneurs, agencies and coaches. And you’ll learn how to launch a profit-generating Facebook group in just six weeks, even if you’re not techie.

The price is $1,997 normally, but the “next 20 people” will save a grand, making it $997.

My guess is, if you schedule a call, there’s a higher-level coaching program (called 7-Figure Visionary, from the looks of it) that costs far more than that. Generally $6k to $10k is a safe bet for these types of masterminds.

For an alternative that’s much more doable for the average person and runs off free traffic, visit the link below.

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