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11 Ways To Be More Disciplined

Million Dollar Discipline

1) Say no to instant gratification.  Including but not limited to: food, drinks, alcohol, drugs, porn, social media, TV, Netflix, gaming, gossiping, shopping, texting, and friggin’ fanboying.

2) Embrace pain.  Difficult tasks, uncomfortable conversations, acknowledging and solving complex problems.

3) Drink only water.  All day, every day.  But only if you like clear skin, perfect poops, increased brain power, more energy, getting sick less often, and keeping weight off.

4) Work out.  At least once a day, every day.  I’ve been experimenting with two lower intensity workouts a day.  What I’m seeing?  More creativity; more energy; less desire to eat bad; more learning (audiobooks, homie); easier to convince myself to go do it because I know it’s low intensity; a bad day is still one workout, as compared to no workout; and of course, my abs are back, b*tches.

5) Eat only whole foods.  All day, every day.  Again, only if you want to look, think, feel, perform, and be your best.

6) Sleep smarter.  Go to bed early and wake up early and keep the schedule the same no matter what.

7) Make your bed.  First thing, every morning.  No exceptions.

8) Practice gratitude.  At a minimum, write down five things you’re grateful for each morning.  It’s like nature’s Vicodin.

9) Visualize success.  Spend at least five minutes each morning, eyes closed, earplugs in, seeing yourself living the life you want.  The more vivid the details, the more effective this’ll be.

10) Positive input.  Every single day, all throughout the day, you should consume as much positive content as possible.  Physical books, audiobooks, podcasts, interviews, talking to coaches and mentors, etc.

11) Execute.  Spend no less than four hours a day, every day, doing your one thing.

That’s how you build million dollar discipline.  Yes, you’ll slip up from time to time.  But those 11 things should be what you strive for each day.

Cory Johnson: your momma’s neighbor’s side chick’s last Uber Eats delivery guy’s third-favorite blogger. Here’s how he makes millions of dollars blogging without being bothered.