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Jack Doherty Net Worth, Teenage Millionaire

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Jack Doherty made his first YouTube video at age 12. He was at school, flipping a yellow highlighter, trying to get it to land upright, filming it on his iPad. He was smart in that he would make videos on whatever was trending at the time.

He stayed consistent with it, uploading new videos almost every other day in the beginning. By age 13, he got his first check for about $300—his cut of the YouTube ad revenue.

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A few months later, while on a ski trip with family and friends, one of Jack’s videos went viral. His subscriber count quadrupled overnight. He knew he was onto something.

But he was having fun with it, and it wasn’t forced. “I was just hanging out with my friends and we would just always film videos. It was super easy. Nothing was scheduled. Everything would kinda just flow and happen,” he told one of his biggest influences, Graham Stephan, in a recent interview.

At 14, he was doing about $40,000 per month. Naturally, he began blowing through it like any teenager would: $700 Yeezys for himself, $2,000 Louis V bags for his mom, gifts for his friends, the list goes on.

Eventually, Jack had to learn to pump the brakes on his spending and be smart with his rapidly-rising income. Now he’s starting to invest in real estate and the stock market.

In the future, he sees himself starting another channel all about finances. That, and/or a “family channel.” Like, documenting his relationships, getting married and having kids one day—people eat that stuff up. There would be major money in both, obviously.

But either way, Jack knows he can’t take his foot off the gas of what got him here. So in the meantime, he’ll keep chipping away at his main channel.

@Jack.Doherty Insta

In terms of Jack Doherty’s net worth, right now, YouTube’s far and away his main source of income. Second, is brand deals. Then stocks and real estate. He’s also dabbling in hard money loans. One such loan makes him a guaranteed 10% return on the $200k he lent out.

More specifically, Jack says he’s pocketed at least half a million (per year) the last couple years from YouTube. Because he’s gotten more frugal with his spending and still lives with the ‘rents—and runs a lean, mean business—other than taxes, he keeps most of what he makes.

All things considered, his net worth is right around $1.75 million dollars as of today. That’ll continue to grow as Jack keeps doin’ his thang. To ensure he does, and doesn’t get burned out, he’s gotten better about batching his videos.

He’ll fly out to Cali, film nonstop for a few days, then fly back home (to Long Island, New York) and just chill out. Or, “hibernate,” as he likes to call it.

“The feeling of completing a good day of filming and knowing that you’re done with it is like such a good… you can’t beat that,” Jack explained. “It gives you an adrenaline rush. Just knowing that you’re satisfied with your day and you got everything done feels so nice. It’s so hard to relate to that unless you’re in this space.”

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