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Dolmar Cross Reviews (Automated Investor System)

Automated Investor System FB Ad

Dolmar Cross, lookin’ good enough to get kidnapped in that salmon-colored blazer, just hit me with a Facebook ad for his Automated Investor System. I’ll review it below. But first, a word from my mentor on digital real estate.

Dolmar Cross is the founder and CEO of 3Day Cash Buyers, the cofounder of Cash Buyer Team, the cofounder of Real Advisors (which made the Inc. 5000 List, coming in at #80) and he’s personally closed over 1,000+ real estate deals. Not only that, but he’s completely removed himself from the process. He’s mentored hundreds of real estate investors thus far. Dolmar is married and has three kids.

Dolmar Cross Real Advisors

But is he legit? I’m about to find out. I clicked Dolmar’s ad and was taken to a page where I’m asked to register for a free online workshop that’ll supposedly teach me how to get finder’s fees as a “deal connector” with houses I can find online, without leaving the crib.

AutomatedInvestor.com Webinar Signup

Here goes nothing. I clicked the blue button, entered my info, and minutes later, Dolmar’s business partner kicks off the webinar with a nice introduction before handing it over to Dolmar. My first impression? I see why this guy’s successful. He’s a young, clean-cut, well-spoken dude with no shortage of charisma.

Is Dolmar Cross Legit

Dolmar highlights his impressive list of entrepreneurial accomplishments thus far, then assures everyone in attendance that right now, even though the world’s a total sh*tshow, it’s the perfect time to get into wholesaling. And here’s why:

Wholesaling Houses Dolmar Cross

Question is: how? How do you find deals? Funding? Buyers? Especially when everyone and their auntie’s doing wholesaling these days, right? How can the little guy possibly compete? The answer, Dolmar says, is his app and system, which leverages data to find “hot spots” other investors simply can’t see.

Real Elite App Dolmar

It’ll pinpoint potential motivated sellers. Although, you’ll have to cold call them one-by-one till someone says, “You know what? Yes. I would like to sell you my home.” To me, that sounds awful. But that’s the game with traditional real estate. Anyways, once you get a deal, use the software to search for buyers, and once again, start dialing for dollars. Mark it up by $5k, $10k, $20k—whatever you can get—and keep the difference. And yes, if need be, the app can find lenders as well.

AutomatedInvestor No Excuses

Holy hell, from there, Dolmar goes into a 45-minute hype session that builds to the pitch. Then the pitch itself is just as long and drawn out. Dolmar went full infomercial on us. In the end, the Automated Investor System costs $497 plus $97/mo. for ongoing access to the app. He’s got some fake scarcity in there too, saying only the first 30 buyers will get that steeply-discounted price. (But I call bullsh*t.)

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