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Young Dolph Net Worth

Young Dolph Jewelry Collection

Young Dolph net worth: Adolph Thornton, Jr., who goes by Young Dolph, is a rapper with a net worth of $2.9 million dollars.  He’s also got nine lives.  Read on.

Young Dolph Humble Beginnings

1. Young Dolph’s date of birth is August 11, 1985.  He was born in Chicago, but his family moved to Memphis when he was two.  He has four siblings: two brothers and two sisters.  The late rapper, Juice Wrld, was his cousin.  He is also a cousin of Key Glock, who he now collaborates with.  Young Dolph had a tumultuous upbringing.  His parents were crack addicts and often left him and his siblings to fend for themselves.

Young Dolph Studio

2. In 2008, Young Dolph was shot during a drive-by and narrowly escaped death.  Not long after that, his grandma died from long cancer.  To cope, he began making music.  His friends were supportive and encouraged him to take it serious.

Young Dolph Belly Scar

3. On February 25, 2017, Young Dolph was in Charlotte for a basketball tournament.  He was riding in a black SUV when at least two vehicles pulled up alongside him and opened fire, spraying more than 100 bullets.  Miraculously, Young Dolph escaped uninjured.  He later said that he had spent $300,000 to bulletproof the vehicle he was riding in.  Good call!  Rumor has it, Yo Gotti, who he’d been beefing with, was the one who put the hit out.

Young Dolph Bulletproof

4. Later that same year, in September of 2017, Young Dolph was shot three times while shopping in Hollywood.  He was in critical condition and spent 14 days in the ICU.  Yo Gotti’s friend, Corey McClendon, was arrested for attempted murder.  He was released the next day and charges were dropped.

Young Dolph Kitchen

5. Young Dolph fans appreciate that his lyrics, no matter how farfetched they sound, are real.  He’s lived them.  That sets him apart in an industry where so many artists simply are not credible.  Young Dolph named his second album Bulletproof and piggybacked off the publicity from his first shooting in 2017, to work his way up the charts.

Young Dolph Lambo Truck

6. Gucci Mane is one of his closest friends.  He met Gucci via his producer, Drumma Boy, and they immediately hit it off.  The two share a similar backstory, and have bonded over their struggles.

Young Dolph Vacation

7. When Rolling Stone asked Young Dolph how he was able to rise above all the adversity, he had this to say: “Man, just by giving negativity no attention.  Any negative thoughts, negative thinking, negative people, negative anything, you just push that sh*t out your life.  You push that sh*t out the way and give it no attention, none whatsoever, and focus on nothing but positivity.  Focus on taking care of your family and making money, your relationship with God.  It’s like, you don’t even have time for negativity.  You ain’t got time to give it no attention, none of that sh*t.  And that’s what I’ve been on my whole life.”

Young Dolph Offroading

8. Young Dolph admires anyone who “gets sh*t done.”  In an interview with The Fader, he elaborated: “People that know they gotta work every day, them the kinda people I respect.  I respect people that build a career for themselves.  I don’t give a damn if it’s a hustle that’s already big or you go to work at Kroger every day, the grocery store.  Or you work at Walmart.  You work, so I respect you.  You don’t work, what can we do?  We can’t relate.”

Young Dolph Shirt Open

9. What does the future hold for Young Dolph?  His goal is simply to keep the fans happy.  That’s all he cares about.  He wants to keep making music that serves as the adrenaline, the motivation, and the support his people need to show the world their greatness.

Young Dolph Dolphin Chain

10. Young Dolph has a daughter (Aria Ella Thornton) and a son (Tre Tre Thornton) with on-again-off-again girlfriend, Mia Jaye, who has her own podcast.

Young Dolph On The Mic

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