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Douglas James Cost, Review, Concerns

Douglas James Active Duty

“I wanna show you how to make $35,000 a month (or more) every single month,” says Douglas James, flashing stacks of hundred dollar bills, in his latest YouTube ad.

“In the last 30 days, we actually did over $200,000 doing this one skill that I’m gonna tell you about, okay? And it’s not affiliate marketing and it’s not dropshipping, it’s not launches, it’s not Amazon FBA, it’s none of that stuff,” he says.

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“It’s a simple, high-demand skill that people actually need where you can do it from anywhere in the world just using your laptop. I’ve been doing this one thing for six years consistently.”

“I used to be in the military. And I started doing this one thing every single day; and I’ve been able to make this type of money that I showed you on the screen; and I was able to make this [holds up the $35k again] in my first 90 days.”

Then he shows supposed students doing anywhere from $25k to $50k per month, thanks to his teachings.

“If you wanna be one of these lucky people, I wanna invite you to an exclusive training that I’m holding where I’m gonna show ya how to make this type of money online, and show you the exact skillsets that you need in this high-demand market right now, [that’s] working today…”

Douglas then asks you to click and register for the training, but not before saying how the media was so impressed by him, they reached out and just had to feature him on sites like CBS, FOX, ABC, Entrepreneur and Yahoo Finance.

Is Douglas James legit?

Douglas James High Ticket Client Guy

Hmm, I’ve got so many questions. Like, in regards to the “as seen on” stuff: is that how it really went down, Douglas? Did those outlets really reach out to you? Or did you pay for ’em? Like Chance and Abdul from the Officeless Agency?

And on your webinar: you’re acting like it’s live, mentioning people who are in attendance. But there’s no way it could’ve been live, considering it runs every 15 minutes all day long. Why not just admit it’s recorded?

You then showed how you did $1.8 million (and change) over the last year. Are we to believe that was all from running a local lead generation agency? Or was it all from coaching?

Also, your pitch sounded a lot like my mentor’s. And rumor has it, he taught you as well—back in the day. Are you just repackaging his material and copying all of his marketing? If so, why wouldn’t people just go straight to him?

Do you think it’s ethical to throw out income claims? Like, what percentage of your members are making the $25k+ per month you constantly mention as if it’s typical? Can’t all those screenshots from your Facebook group be faked?

And what about expenses? Aren’t paid ads getting crazy expensive? If a local business pays you $1k per month and you spend $900 of it on Facebook ads, is that really worth it? Wouldn’t it be better to work this same model using free traffic from Google?

Also, I’ve heard horror stories about Facebook banning digital marketers. Whaddya do when that happens? Is that really a business you can count on for the long haul?

You say you can only work with a select few people, but you’re running YouTube ads like a madman. Is that just a little white lie to trick people into booking a call with your team?

How much is Douglas James’ course?

Douglas James Scams People

I’ve heard it costs $8k to join your program. That’s quite a bit more than most. What makes you different? Especially when everything you just said, to me, seems like a carbon copy of what your mentor taught you?

I dunno. What do y’all think? Like, I wanna believe this guy, but he makes it tough.

I don’t agree with using money as a prop to get people’s attention in YouTube ads. I don’t think he’s transparent in how he’s making all that money. And I personally wouldn’t pay anyone whose entire presentation was just a knockoff of someone else. But hey, that’s just me.

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